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Springfield, MO Distracted Driver Attorney Services

Springfield, Missouri is a bustling town and a transportation crossroads in Missouri. In fact, it is The Show Me State’s third-largest city, now boasting a metro population of nearly half a million.

Unfortunately, with big-city traffic come big-city problems. Fastest growing among those is distracted driving, which is responsible for hundreds of auto accidents throughout Missouri every year.

The truth is that distracted driving is killing people in towns of every size all across America. No longer an exclusively teenaged phenomenon, texting while driving has emerged as an epidemic across all age groups and in all fifty states.

It goes without saying that there is never an excuse for driving while distracted. When any of us assumes the responsibility of operating a motor vehicle, we accept a duty to keep each other safe. When we take our eyes or thoughts off the road — even for just a second — we breach that duty and put everyone’s lives in danger.

Sadly, the insurance companies involved in these cases only make a bad situation worse. Even when victims clearly were not in the wrong, and even when their medical bills are staggering, the insurance companies try their hardest to avoid their financial obligations.

The law requires insurance companies to play by the rules, which often means paying the full cost of their policyholders’ distractions on the road. Unfortunately, victims have a very hard time getting a fair valuation for their damages without an experienced legal representative on their side.

Attorney Douglas R. Horn is nationally recognized as a safe driving advocate, and he also practices as an auto accident attorney throughout Missouri.

During his more than 25 years of legal experience, Mr. Horn has come to appreciate just how unique and challenging these cases can be. That is especially true now that insurance companies are defending a greater number of texting-while-driving claims than ever before — they are desperate to reduce their payouts so they can maximize their shareholders’ profits.

Mr. Horn is prepared to thwart the insurance companies’ best efforts at avoiding their legal obligations. He provides his clients experienced, aggressive, and strategic representation that makes the most of their rights under Missouri state law.

If you or a loved one has been injured in or around the Queen City of the Ozarks, you can count on Douglas R. Horn’s Springfield, MO distracted driving attorney services. He wants to help.

The Horn Difference: Rapid Response Investigations for Recent Crashes

The clock starts ticking on an auto accident claim from the moment it happens. Early action can make a critical difference. The sooner you have a lawyer on your side, the sooner you can ensure that your interests are represented fairly in everything from the investigation to the litigation that will inevitably follow.

Attorney Douglas R. Horn is proud to offer Rapid Response services to prospective clients in Branson and Springfield, Missouri — free of charge and with no obligation.

A Rapid Response is essentially a preliminary investigation that begins almost immediately after contacting our office. We leap into action to make sure that we don’t lose precious time in the very early stages of an auto accident.

Our office can help you determine whether distracted driving was involved in your claim and how much your potential claim might be worth.

We can start our preliminary Rapid Response investigation with real urgency, even before you meet with us for your initial consultation. Please contact us right away to get started.

Close and Convenient Distracted Driving Accident Attorney in Southwest Missouri

Mr. Horn understands how frustrating any auto accident experience can be for the victims. One of his principal goals is minimizing the stress that you and your family might otherwise experience.

As a first step toward that goal, Mr. Horn makes himself available for local and convenient in-person meetings for the people of Southwest Missouri. You can arrange to meet directly with Mr. Horn — in one of our firm’s consultation offices, in your hospital room, or at your home.

We value your convenience, your comfort (especially), and your time. We also care about your protecting your rights, including your claims for recovery. Horn Law is recognized as trial lawyers who will devote their full professional resources to your case. Missouri residents deserve this from the attorneys who serve the local communities

To set up a free legal consultation with Mr. Horn in your area, please contact us online right away.

Horn Law: Springfield, MO distracted driver attorney services you can count on.

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Distracted Driving Cases

If you or someone you know has been injured or killed by a distracted driver, you can contact Attorney Doug Horn for free legal consultation.

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