Legal Representation For Severe Head, Neck, Spinal, Fractures, Paralysis, Nerve Damage, Disfigurement, Burns, Amputation, and Other Disabling Injuries

Over the past 15 years, Attorneys Doug Horn and Laurie Del Percio have a track record of success in injury cases, involving both adults and children, resulting in the need for extended and complex medical, rehabilitation, nursing, and personal care.

Catastrophic injuries are particularly devastating because they typically involve extensive medical and therapy expense, loss of job or substantial income, and long-term disability affecting every aspect of life. At the outset, you need a law firm that is prepared to act quickly to set the foundation for maximum recovery.

Cases We Handle

Following is a listing of cases we have handled that have resulted in either a catastrophic injury or wrongful death:

Car Accidents                                  Medical Error/Mistake

Truck Accidents                             Medication Error/Mistake

Motorcycle Accidents                   Pharmacy Error/Mistake

Boating Accidents                         Nursing Home Negligence

Drunk Driving Accidents             Fire/Explosion/Toxic Exposure

Industrial Accidents                     Distracted Driving Accidents

Vehicle Rollover Accidents          Construction Site Accidents

Pedestrian Accidents                     Falls/Hazards/Dangerous Conditions

In order to determine if Attorneys Horn & Del Percio are the right attorneys for you, please review our track record and Google reviews.  References in the form of former clients who have retained Horn Law for a catastrophic injury will be provided upon request.

Catastrophic Injury Legal Consultation

When alerted to an accident resulting in a serious injury, an important first step is early legal consultation. At no charge to the injured person and his or her family members, as soon as practical, we must sort out the important legal, medical, and insurance issues. Then, when properly authorized by our clients, it is important that we begin communicating with key people such as accident, medical, experts and insurance representatives in order to cover all the bases.

While medical care is out of our expertise, we do have a high interest in making sure our client is receiving the best possible care. It is also our responsibility to make sure we are there to help family related to the injured person. With a combined 40 years of legal experience in handling complex injury, Attorneys Horn and Del Percio know what to expect and how to begin solving the issues that arise with a catastrophic injury.

Independent Accident Investigations

An independent investigation of an accident conducted by the Horn Law team is paramount in making sure our client is properly protected. Often that means making sure the proper experts in their field are on the scene. Our responsibility as serious injury lawyers is to coordinate efforts to make sure that a full and complete investigation is initiated as soon as possible, including the securing of important evidence.

Special Considerations For Family Members of an Injured Person

We recognize that in many cases a seriously injured person is not in a position to make a decision about legal representation. Hence, that decision usually falls to those close family who are authorized to act on behalf of the victim. While family members  can draw some conclusions about which firm is right for their loved one by doing an online search, there is no substitute to a face-to-face meeting with the lawyers that are qualified to take on the case.

To help you make the best decision regarding legal representation, please refer to Tips For Selecting The Right Personal Injury Lawyer