Maximizing Injury Settlements

Horn Law concentrates in representing people who have been injured in motor vehicle collisions, work and industrial accidents, and other events that cause serious injury.

We are dedicated to diligent legal representation with the objective of making sure our clients receive fair, full, and maximum injury settlements- insurance compensation that reimburses our clients for all of their past, present, continuing, and future damages.

In a large majority of injury claims where an injured person requires medical treatment and rehabilitation, legal representation will be vital to obtaining the very best results. This is so because insurance companies don’t want to voluntarily pay fair injury settlements. In order to serve their own best interests, insurance companies hire “Claim Adjusters” that work to settle claims at a reduced amount that is favorable to the insurance company.

This is why, if you or someone you know has been injured, the selection of any injury lawyer is an important decision.

Cases We Handle

Listed below are the types of injury cases we handle. These are the types of cases that result in both short-term and longer-range medical issues.

Key Factors in Maximizing Injury Settlements & Awards

Because most injuries require therapy, rehabilitation, and/or extended recovery time, a key factor in maximizing the injury settlement will be the calculation of the continuing and longer-range consequences of the injury.

For instance, a strain or sprain of the neck, back, shoulder, or knee is likely going to cause an accelerated decline in range of motion or mobility later in life. This must be accounted for because, again, the injured person is usually only going to have one settlement.

Another key factor involves the loss in quality of life suffered by the injured person. Loss of quality of life includes:

Everything Must Be Accounted For

A fair, full, and maximum settlement must account for all of the consequences of the injury, especially the impact of the injury over the course of an injured person’s life. The list below are value drivers. Value drivers are evidence that contributes to increasing the value of an injury case and form the foundation for obtaining the best possible settlements and awards.