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Reckless Driving Accidents in Kansas City

Over the past 25 years, Attorney Doug Horn and the Horn Law Firm have concentrated in representing people who have been injured or killed in reckless driving collisions. Reckless driving cases require a different approach from typical motor vehicle accidents that arise from ordinary negligence. This is in large part due to the fact that settlements and awards are much higher, and therefore, deserve a unique legal approach. If you or someone you know has been injured (or has lost their life) due to a reckless driver, they should obtain legal consultation from an attorney and law firm that concentrates in reckless driving cases. This is especially important if the injuries are likely to cause extended medical treatment and the possibility of longer-term effects.

Rapid Response

Reckless driving that causes car, truck, and motorcycle collisions requires a rapid response from your attorney and law firm to make the best possible legal recoveries in many cases involving crashes caused by reckless driving. Often, especially in violent collisions, accident investigations and accident reconstruction is necessary to prove reckless conduct and establish fault and liability. Lead Attorney Doug Horn and the Horn Law investigative team handles these independent legal investigations. These efforts are vital to securing relevant evidence and gaining the upper hand with the insurance companies.

Quick Contact to Lead Attorney Doug Horn

For a rapid response, call Lead Attorney Doug Horn at 816-795-7500 to alert him to your case. After hours, weekends, and holidays, please use the chat function on this site. Please note that legal consultation with Lead Attorney Doug Horn is easy to arrange. In addition to office consultation at our headquarters office in Independence (across the street from Costco near the I-70 and Missouri 291 Interchange), Horn Law also has consultation offices located in Lee’s Summit, Liberty, and Overland Park to better serve clients throughout the Kansas City Metro Area.

Close & Convenient

The Horn Law home office is in Independence, Missouri, near I-70 and I-470 (across the street from Costco).

In addition to our home office, consultation offices are located in both Lee’s Summit and Liberty in Missouri, as well as Overland Park, Kansas.

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Home and Hospital Consultations

In serious injury cases where an injured person is confined to their home or a hospital bed, family members can make special arrangements for early legal consultation at home or in the hospital. This gives us, as your legal counsel, an opportunity to begin to take care of the immediate issues, including the legal, insurance, medical, and financial claims.

Legal Representation

Our law firm’s legal representation can make a big difference in the legal recovery, especially in reckless driving accidents that cause a sudden onset of traumatic injury, as well as the need for rehabilitation treatments such as physical therapy, chiropractic treatment, or medical recovery from orthopedic and neurologic trauma, including:

  • Neck, back, and spine injuries
  • Head and brain injury
  • Bone fracture and joint injury (shoulder, arm, leg, etc.)
  • Injuries requiring surgical repair

Horn Law will only undertake legal representation in cases where we will make a substantial difference in an injured person’s settlement and final award. Because an injured person usually only has one chance to receive a total settlement pertaining to his or her personal injury claim, it must be done correctly from the beginning. That means we must maximize the recovery, so our client makes the best recovery possible. On this website, we have published our track record, but many people who retain our firm to handle a reckless driving claim rely upon our Google reviews. Please note that at the end of this page is “Our Code of Conduct,” which governs our responsibilities to the injured persons and families we represent in all personal injury claims.

Reckless Driving Claims

Over the last ten years, both Missouri and Kansas have reported a significant surge in motor vehicle accident claims due to reckless driving. As a result, the types of collisions that cause serious injury and traffic fatalities are on the rise. The types of cases below represent the ten most common types of reckless driving cases we have handled.

  1. High-speed collisions (in excess 15 mph above the speed limit)
  2. Distracted driving collisions
  3. Drunk driving collisions
  4. Impaired/drugged driving collisions
  5. Collisions resulting from running red lights or stop signs
  6. Aggressive driving collisions
  7. Dangerous maneuver collisions (improper turns or lane changes)
  8. Road rage collisions
  9. Vehicular rollover collisions
  10. Wrong-way driving collisions

Horn Law Code of Conduct

The following are the criteria we follow when providing legal representation in an injury case.

  1. The decision to represent an injured person is solely based on whether legal representation is in the best interests of the injured person and/or his or her family.
  2. Once Horn Law agrees to legal representation, the representation must continue to be in the best interests of the client through the resolution of the case.
  3. During the course of legal representation, Horn Law’s duty is to devote their full professional abilities and resources to the case to maximize the client’s legal recovery.