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Lawyers for Construction Accident Victims

Excluding motor vehicle collisions, construction accidents are a leading cause of serious injury and death in the United States. Depending on the circumstances of the accident, the injured worker may have several options when it comes to obtaining financial compensation to cover medical expenses, lost income, and lifetime damages.

Rapid Response Lawyers for Construction-Related Accidents

Over the years, Lead Attorney Doug Horn and the Horn Law team have had a track record of success in maximizing recovery in catastrophic injury claims throughout Missouri and Kansas. Construction accidents are complex and demand immediate investigations to begin securing important evidence that pertains to fault and liability. Early legal consultation enables Horn Law to begin legal investigations, identify parties at fault, outline comprehensive legal strategies for recovery, file claims, retain experts, and begin to assemble evidence to maximize recovery. Because construction accident victims are usually entitled to only one legal recovery, the best foundations must be laid early on to ensure the best possible results.

Free Legal Consultations

If you or someone you know has been injured in a motor vehicle accident, alert Lead Attorney Doug Horn to the case at 816-795-7500. Horn offers free legal consultations. In addition to telephone consultations, Horn offers office, home, and hospital consultations to provide aid to clients at a convenient location.

As rapid response attorneys, early legal consultation is a priority with Horn Law. An early start allows us to take care of our clients’ immediate issues, including legal, investigative, insurance, and financial questions that arise in nearly every car accident claim.

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The Horn Law home office is in Independence, Missouri, near I-70 and I-470 (across the street from Costco).

In addition to our home office, consultation offices are located in both Lee’s Summit and Liberty in Missouri, as well as Overland Park, Kansas.

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Construction Accident Cases

Horn Law has handled a variety of construction accidents in Missouri and Kansas. Following is a brief overview of the most common cases our law firm handles on behalf of a seriously injured construction worker, including:

  • Falls
  • Falling Debris
  • Construction Vehicle Accidents
  • Electrocution
  • Respiratory Hazards
  • Caught In-Between

Falls: Falls are one of the most common types of injury facing construction workers. Due to the nature of the job, workers are frequently up on scaffolding or other unstable surfaces where falls are an immediate threat. While many precautions can be taken (such as mandating safety equipment, harnesses, etc.), falls usually are from such a height that catastrophic injuries are common. Potential liabilities in fall cases include:

  • Failure to provide personal protective equipment
  • Failure to assess the construction site’s risk
  • Failure to warn, train, and educate employees on the risk of falling
  • Failure to abide by regulations and code regarding working from heights

Falling Debris: Falling debris is a cause of injury that is distinctly associated with construction work. Because workers are often completing tasks from heights, they must use the highest degree of care and caution when disposing of scrap materials or other unneeded substances. Utilizing appropriate warnings, bins, and safety protocols can help prevent severe injury. Even when debris naturally or unintentionally falls as a result of the construction process, hard hats, goggles, and other safety equipment can help mitigate injury. Potential liabilities in falling debris cases include:

  • Failure to provide personal protective equipment, such as a hard hat
  • Failure to train and provide workers with safe disposal strategies
Construction Vehicle Accidents: Motor vehicle accidents on the roadway or the construction site are a common form of construction-related accidents. Often, distractions, blind spots, and the aggressive operation of a vehicle result in serious injury or death. Often, accidents result because drivers are not following safety protocols concerning the operations of vehicles. Our law firm has had cases where serious injury and death resulted because a construction-related vehicle was not properly outfitted with safety equipment, including back up warning alerts, reflectors, and/or cameras. Potential liabilities in construction vehicle cases include:
  • Failure to follow strict roadway construction safety regulations
  • Failure to provide and maintain vehicle safety equipment
  • Failure to properly train and alert workers regarding vehicle operations and risks
  • Failure to communicate safety protocols about vehicle operations
Electrocution: Because construction work often involves below-ground digging, managers must make sure that a full electrical and utility assessment is completed to outline spots that should be avoided. Accidentally cutting through a power line often results in very severe injury, if not death. Even once an assessment is completed, flagging should be implemented as a means of protecting workers from high-risk locations. Workers should also receive training to understand and recognize electrical hazards that exist above ground, such as those that may arise when constructing a house or office building where several panels, switches, and lines are needed. Power tools should be used with extreme caution, and open lines should always be flagged. Even if one wire or pipe is missing flagging, deadly consequences could occur. Potential liabilities in electrocution cases include:

  • Failure to accurately assess electrical risks above and below ground
  • Failure to properly flag specific risks on-site
  • Failure to provide adequate electrical training to workers
  • Failure to provide personal protective equipment to workers

Respiratory Hazards: Because construction sites will often be subject to many hazardous substances and irritants like dust or smoke, managers should make sure that workers receive appropriate protective equipment and fumigation strategies. Respiratory protection violations are one of the leading breaches of construction site regulation. However, by providing or requiring appropriate equipment, managers can save many employees from serious repertory illnesses that compromise health and lead to a lifetime disease. Potential liabilities in respiratory hazard cases include:

  • Failure to provide or require protective fumigation equipment
  • Failure to properly assess environmental and air quality risks
  • Failure to train and monitor ongoing risks posed by irritants or hazardous substances

Caught In-Between Accidents: Being caught in between or compressed by objects in the workspace is another leading cause of serious injury for construction workers. When heavy objects or materials fall from loading docks, scaffolding, or any other surface, they can pin workers against another hard surface. Such incidents can result in serious injury. Potential liabilities in caught in-between cases include: