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Personal Injury

Going Through a More Serious Injury

Nobody knows quite what it is like to be injured until it happens to you or someone you love. A sudden onset of injury can turn your life upside down....


Something To Think About If You Know Someone Who Has Been Diagnosed with a Head Injury

Frequently I am involved in cases where a person has suffered a head injury and is eventually diagnosed with “MTBI” or mild traumatic brai...

Protecting The Injured

Protecting the Injured: Securing the Important Evidence

When it comes to obtaining a fair, full, and maximum injury settlement for my injured client, loss of quality evidence is a key factor. Here are 3 cat...

Auto Injury

The Cost of a Collision Rises Sharply in 2023

Given high inflation, it is probably no surprise that the cost of being involved in a motor vehicle collision has increased substantially over the pas...

Concussions & Head Injuries

Concussion Injury Settlements. Several Things to Consider

I concentrate my law practice in representing individuals who have suffered a head, neck, and other serious injury in motor vehicle collisions caused ...


Lead Attorney Doug Horn

Auto Accidents

Missouri Ranks as One of the Most Dangerous States For Teen Drivers

One of my biggest concerns as a parent of teenagers was keeping them safe while driving. It is that concern that led me to publishing, Teen Driver Pro...

Auto Accidents | Auto Injury

Protecting the Injured: Early Legal Investigations Following a Motor Vehicle Crash

As an attorney who concentrates in motor vehicle accident law, I know that the best legal recovery (settlements and awards) start with the legal inves...

Personal Injury

Concussion and Head Injury Lawyers

The Horn Law Firm. P.C. are injury lawyers who concentrate their law practice in motor vehicle accidents that cause head, neck, back, and other seriou...