The Cost of a Collision Rises Sharply in 2023

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by | Dec 30, 2023 | Auto Injury

Given high inflation, it is probably no surprise that the cost of being involved in a motor vehicle collision has increased substantially over the past year, especially if you have been injured. But it is not just the financial impact of a car accident that is contributing to higher costs.

The reality is that, across the nation, there are more dangerous drivers causing more violent collisions. These types of collisions often result in more serious injury thereby increasing the overall cost of the collision.

In addition to medical expense and loss of income, one of the most significant costs related to a car accident is the “loss in quality of life” suffered by those who suffer a sudden onset of injury.

Here is a closer look at why loss of quality of life claims substantially increase the cost of a collision.

Loss in Quality of Life Compensation

As a motor vehicle accident lawyer, my responsibility is to obtain a settlement or award that compensates my client for all of past, present, continuing, and future effects of their injuries, including their loss in quality of life.

In this regard, in order for me to deliver to my client a fair and full injury settlement, it must include compensation for loss of quality of life. As I prepare my case, I base my argument for loss of quality of compensation on the following.

  • Evidence showing a sudden onset of pain and suffering resulting in emergency medical care, hospitalization, confinement, and disruption of life
  • Evidence showing a sudden onset of physical restrictions resulting in difficulties and limitations with walking, standing, lifting, bending, driving, and all activities of daily living.
  • Evidence showing the impact the injury has on my client’s work, household, family, and personal responsibilities.
  • Evidence showing my client’s damages related to their medical recovery, including the need for medical treatments, rehabilitation, medications, and home health care.
  • Evidence showing my client’s overall disruption of daily life, including the loss in restful sleep, need for patient management of the injury, and the inability to function as normal.

Additional Evidence of Loss in Quality of Life

Because most injuries have consequences after the injured person has been released from medical care, the insurance settlement compensation must be maximized to account for the:

  • on-going management of injury, including dealing with pain, discomfort, fatigue, and the need to limit or avoid physical activities.
  • on-going loss in physical capacity and well-being,
  • on-going need for medications, accommodations and assistance, and the
  • on-going susceptibility to pain, discomfort, aggravation, and re-injury.

A maximum injury settlement for a seriously injured person may also involve compensation for lifetime losses, including the following:

  • future medical expense and life care,
  • loss of earning capacity,
  • permanent impairment and disability,
  • scarring/disfigurement, and the
  • acceleration of physical decline requiring earlier need for assisted living.

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