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Going Through a More Serious Injury

Nobody knows quite what it is like to be injured until it happens to you or someone you love. A sudden onset of injury can turn your life upside down....

Personal Injury

Concussion and Head Injury Lawyers

The Horn Law Firm. P.C. are injury lawyers who concentrate their law practice in motor vehicle accidents that cause head, neck, back, and other seriou...

Personal Injury

Senior Man Has Finger Amputated After Being Bitten By Vicious Dog

Horn Law concentrates in cases where a sudden onset of injury requires extended medical treatment and results in a significant loss in quality of life...

Personal Injury

Protecting the Injured: Concussion Recovery

As an attorney who concentrates in motor vehicle accident law, I regularly cases that involve a sudden onset of concussion. While I am ultimately resp...

Personal Injury

Protecting the Injured From Insurance Companies Who Limit Medical Treatment

At Horn Law, we have dedicated our law practice to protecting the injured. A big part of our work is making sure our injured clients are afforded the ...

Personal Injury

Why Do Insurance Companies Want to Settle Injury Claims Quickly?

What is the first thing an injured person can expect after an accident? In many cases it is a call from an insurance claims adjuster. Many people are ...

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Why People Injured in Motor Vehicle Accidents Deserve Superior Legal Representation

People facing an injury claim arising from an accident that was not their fault just want to be treated fairly and compensated fully for their injurie...

Concussions & Head Injuries | Personal Injury

New Booklet Will Educate Car Accident Victims on the Impact of Head Injuries & Concussions

What The Doctors Didn’t Immediately Notice Some time ago I had a client, a middle-aged man, who had been involved in a violent t-bone collision....

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Obtaining Fair Injury Settlements from Insurance Claims Adjusters

COVID-19 Update: Injury lawyer Doug Horn offers free phone and video conference consultations to help those who are currently dealing with claim adjus...