CASS COUNTY, MO B HORN LAW Recovers $1,822,996.00 in Drunk Driving Case

A $1,822,996.00 settlement was reached for a client who suffered a traumatic brain injury while riding as a passenger with a drunk driver.  This was a single car crash, where the car struck a mailbox and then a tree in Cass County, Missouri.  It was a very severe impact, totaling the Defendants car.  The police were called to the scene and created both a police and alcohol influence report.  Pictures of the car helped prove the severity of the impact.  Horn Laws client was transported, from the scene, by ambulance, to the nearest trauma hospital.  She was then referred and transferred to an out-of- state hospital that specializes in treating traumatic brain injuries. (more…)


Drunk Driving In Kansas City Requires Aggressive Legal Representation

Drivers impaired by alcohol continue to be a major problem in Kansas City, Missouri. In 2016, 224 persons lost their life in the state of Missouri due to an alcohol-related crash. Also, and perhaps more surprising, is that over 2,100 people were injured in drunk driving crashes. While these types of drunk driving collision cases are most certainly devastating to friends and family of the victims, they also produce a significant negative impact on the quality of for all of us. (more…)

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