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Lead Attorney Doug Horn has dedicated a substantial part of his law practice to the representation of parents with injured children. Cases involving injuries to children can be complex from both a legal, medical, rehabilitation, and insurance standpoint. For these reasons, early legal consultation is recommended.

Areas of Concentration

Attorney Doug Horn concentrates in the following types of child injury cases:

Head/Neck Injuries

Most often these types of cases involve concussion and/or whiplash type trauma caused by motor vehicle accidents or falls.

Bone Fractures

The majority of child fracture and joint injury cases arise due to recreational injury due to negligence . Playgrounds with a dangerous condition are an example of the type of case that demands Horn Law’s rapid response and immediate attention.

Catastrophic Injury

This category includes burns, scarring, loss of limb, or injuries requiring longer-term rehabilitation. These cases require the utmost care and attention to insure the child’s future needs are met.

Best Interests of Child

Your child should always be restrained in a vehicle.

Because both parents/guardians and their attorneys have a legal responsibility to work in the best interests of the injured child, it is important that Horn Law obtain maximum insurance settlements. Child injury settlements may be approved by the Court or by legal affidavit and account for a wide range of damages.

Close & Convenient

The Horn Law home office is in Independence, Missouri, near I-70 and I-470 (across the street from Costco).

In addition to our home office, consultation offices are located in both Lee’s Summit and Liberty in Missouri, as well as Overland Park, Kansas.

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Complex Cases

As noted earlier, child and teenager injury/death injuries present unique challenges. From an investigative standpoint, children often do not possess the communication skills necessary to help the legal investigations. Therefore, it is important that the attorney act quickly to secure evidence and accident reconstruction. Because children often are not competent to testify under oath, special legal rules may apply concerning child statements and other testimony from minors.

Child injury cases depend upon a maximum recovery in order to account for the medical bills and potential for future medical treatment and rehabilitation. Often child injury experts are needed to offer expertise as to the future damages that the child and his or her family may face. These, and other factors, dictate that any injury to a child or teenager be handled with extra care and caution.

Case Referrals

Typically, the child injury cases handled by Horn Law are referred to us by family members, friends, co-workers, physicians, rehabilitation specialists, and other health professionals in the following type cases:

  • Motor Vehicle Accident, including auto, truck, and motorcycle collision
  • Recreational Injury, including accidents resulting from a dangerous condition
  • Medical Error, including injuries or deaths resulting from physician neglect, pharmacy/medication mistakes, hospital, or surgical error
  • School Accidents, including claims while under the care and supervision of teachers