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Kansas City Truck Accident Lawyers

The Horn Law Firm is a highly rated and reviewed personal injury law firm handling truck and commercial vehicle accident cases on interstates, state highways, city streets, and county and rural roads. As truck accident attorneys who work in cases arising in Missouri, Kansas, and across the Midwest, we are seeing an increasing number of truck accidents that are causing serious injuries and fatalities. Based on our work, this is occurring due to larger volumes of truck traffic, particularly on I-70, coupled with more drivers who are driving more distracted and aggressively as they attempt to speed up deliveries. Read our blog “Missouri Truck Accidents on the Rise.”

Rapid Response Crash Lawyers—Free Legal Consultations

Because truck and commercial vehicle crash cases are among the most serious types of collisions on the roadways, causing an increasing number of severe injuries and traffic fatalities, Horn Law is prepared to provide immediate help with free legal consultation. When alerted to a new case, we learn the facts and begin to take care of the issues that commonly arise in a collision involving a semi, tractor-trailer, or other types of big trucks, including the legal, investigative, insurance, medical, and financial loss issues. The first step to free legal consultation is to contact Lead Attorney Doug Horn at 816-795-7500. After hours, on weekends, or holidays, please alert Horn Law to your case by using the “chat” function on this website.

Legal Investigations

Right from the start, if we are retained as the law firm to handle the case, the Horn Law attorneys and accident team will perform the legal investigations, including the accident site and vehicle inspections. We will also secure critical evidence and handle the insurance claim adjusters and investigators. Early legal investigation is critical in accidents involving all commercial vehicles, including all types of trucks. Truck accidents are different than car accidents, in part because federal and state laws highly regulate truck drivers and trucking companies. Below are identified the specific areas of investigation that are involved in a complete legal investigation.

Horn Law Legal Representation

Truck and commercial vehicle accident cases are complex, and accident victims who have been injured deserve the best possible legal representation. As a result, we seek maximum claim settlements and awards against the trucking company and their insurance companies. Horn Law has a track record of success spanning 30 years. We are known for obtaining fair and full client recoveries that compensate for all past, present, continuing, and future damages. Experienced counsel is required to handle cases that involve:

Serious Injuries

to innocent people causing extended medical treatment, months of rehabilitation, substantial income loss, personal losses, and extra-ordinary financial distress

Permanent Injuries and Disabilities

resulting in long-term physical restrictions, lifetime disabilities, loss of earning capacity, loss of the ability to perform household services and family responsibilities, and significant loss of quality of life

Truck Driver Recklessness or Carelessness

which occurs when negligent drivers break company policies and federal and state laws

Truck Company Liability

which is corporate responsibility for putting dangerous drivers and trucks on the road

Large Insurance Companies

looking to adjust claims and minimize payments to accident victims

Steps Horn Law Will Take to Maximize Settlements and Awards in Truck Accident Cases

1. Secure Important Evidence

  • Crash Site Investigations: The accident site investigation is one of the most important things that can be done at the outset of a truck accident case. Often, an accident reconstruction expert will be retained by Horn Law to assist in the accident site investigation. In addition to ground-level investigations, which include obtaining physical evidence, taking measurements, establishing points of impact, locating final resting positions, marking landmarks, and performing a “line of sight” analysis, aerial and drone photography may be necessary to aid in the investigation.
  • Vehicle Inspections: Because the collision may have been caused (or contributed to cause) by a defect in the truck, it is necessary to perform inspections of the mechanical systems in the truck, including the brakes, tires, steering, and lights. Additionally, many trucks and commercial vehicles have a “black box,” which is called an Event Control Module (ECM). ECMs are very helpful in a crash investigation because they record speed, hard braking, rapid deceleration, last stop, etc. In order to preserve ECM data, an expert in accident reconstruction is required to download the information so that it can be used in the legal case.
  • Preservation of Evidence: Trucking companies, because they are highly regulated, must keep documentation that relates to truck drivers, vehicle information, carrier safety documents, trip reports, and crash information. An essential function of Horn Law’s initial legal investigation will be to preserve and obtain this critical information.
  • Truck Company Safety Records: A truck company’s safety record and accident history can provide helpful information in a truck accident case. In addition to private or internal records, which Horn Law will obtain through the legal process, public information of a truck company’s safety record can be found at This is information maintained by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, an agency of the federal government.

2. Establishing Liability

Before the case for an injured person can be settled or resolved in the legal process, liability or fault must be established against all parties who caused or contributed to the cause of a motor vehicle accident involving a truck or commercial vehicle. This is important, because in most truck crash cases, two or more parties are at fault, including the truck driver and the trucking company, who is commonly referred to as the carrier.

  • Truck Driver Liability: Driver liability is always a significant factor in a truck crash case. Evidence of excessive speeding, aggressive driving, driver distraction and inattention, improper lane change, failing to yield, and driver impairment are standard pieces of evidence that establish liability against the truck driver. Driver fatigue is also becoming a major reason why truck accidents are increasing nationwide. In fact, driver fatigue often leads to dangerous driving and puts innocent motorists at risk. We can count on more study into this form of driver liability in the future.
  • Truck Company Liability: Horn Law will also carefully examine the role that the trucking company played in causing or contributing to the cause of the crash. Truck company fault is predicated on a number of legal responsibilities, including:
    • Failure to properly train their drivers
    • Negligent hiring and supervision of drivers
    • Failure to inspect and maintain vehicles
    • Improper loading (overloading) of truck

Many truck accidents are the result of truck driver fatigue that comes from working long hours. Federal laws limit the consecutive hours truck drivers can drive, but drivers might exceed these “hours of service” laws because of pressure put on truck drivers by their companies to speed up deliveries. Whenever a trucking company cuts corners, they start to operate in a manner where they put profits ahead of safety. Lawyers must explore this aspect of liability in all trucking accident cases.

3. Establishing Damages

Our primary objective in any case we handle is to maximize the settlement or award so that we can compensate our clients for all of their past, present, continuing, and future damages. To meet our mission, Horn Law will detail both economic and non-economic damages that our client has suffered as a result of their traumatic injuries. Examples of economic damages are:

  • Past, present, and future medical expenses, including rehabilitation, home care, medication, and life care expenses
  • Past, present, and future loss of income (or loss of earnings opportunities)
  • Loss of earning capacity
  • Loss of household work services
  • Cost of replacement services

The calculation of non-economic damages weighs heavily on making sure we obtain a fair and full settlement or award. The major categories of non-economic damages include:

  • Loss of health
  • Pain, suffering, and discomfort
  • Permanent and permanent partial disability
  • Loss of quality of life


Contact A Kansas City Truck Accident Lawyer

If you’ve been in a truck accident, contact the lawyers at Horn Law, located in Kansas City, Independence, and Overland Park, to speak with our team about your options for pursuing a legal claim. Our experienced and qualified legal team can recommend a course of action to take against the reckless or negligent truck driver who caused the accident.

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