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Distracted Driving Crash Investigations

My law practice, which is concentrated in handling motor vehicle accident cases, has changed dramatically over the last 8 years. Since 2009, I have a steady increase in the number of collisions caused by drivers who I suspect were using a cell phone while driving. However, because cell phone use behind the wheel is rarely admitted by drivers who cause crashes, it is important to identify independent evidence in an investigation that can lead to the conclusion that the driver at fault was engaged in manipulating a cell phone just before the crash.    (more…)


Missouri Distracted Driving Prevention Efforts

In October 2016 the Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety published “Missouri’s Blueprint – A Partnership Toward Zero Deaths”. While this document addressed quite a few traffic safety priorities, a plan was developed for curbing distracted driving. The plan was well-received as many traffic safety experts believe that cell phone use behind the wheel is playing a big factor in the increase of roadway fatalities in Missouri. (more…)


Distracted Driving Prevention

There is little doubt that distracted driving has become epidemic in the U.S.  In fact, largely due to studies that show that over 25% of all crashes in the United States are caused by a distracted driver, distracted driving prevention is now America’s top driving safety priority. While the cell phone is responsible for the overwhelming number of distracted drivers, drivers have become more comfortable doing any number of tasks while driving. Thus, based on my personal experience as a crash lawyer, I believe that the percentage of crashes caused from all forms of distracted driving is probably over 50%. (more…)

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Distracted Driving Accidents: How to Protect Yourself in Kansas City

There are many things that drivers do behind the wheel that end up taking their eyes and attention off the roadway. Some of these require a momentary glance away, while other tasks force a driver to divert their eyes and attention for up to 5 seconds. Whatever the case, driver distraction is now becoming epidemic, mostly due to the proliferation of the cell phone. As a result, all of us are encountering what I call a “new universe of roadway risk” giving rise to a greater probability of serious injury and death. (more…)


How to Prevent Employee Distracted Driving

If your business relies on vehicles that are driven by your employees, then distracted driving presents a serious threat to your people, as well as your business. Anytime a driver is manipulating a cell phone to  dial, text, talk, access email or other data, navigate, or access the internet represents at least a 4 times greater chance of a collision and a dramatic increase in the probability of a disabling injury or fatality. (more…)

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Woman Hurt In Overland Park, Kansas Distracted Driving Accident

Recently, a retired lady from Grandview, Missouri suffered severe head, neck, left arm, and knee injuries in an inter-sectional collision at 97th and Metcalf Avenue in Ovrland Park, Kansas. The crash occurred in the late afternoon when the Grandview woman was driving northbound on Metcalf ran a red light and violently broadsided the woman’s vehicle as she was making a left hand turn, with the right-of-way, onto southbound Metcalf.  The severe force of impact caused the Grandview woman’s vehicle to collide head on with another vehicle causing the front air bags to deploy. In total, 4 cars were involved in the crash.   (more…)