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Something To Think About If You Know Someone Who Has Been Diagnosed with a Head Injury

Frequently I am involved in cases where a person has suffered a head injury and is eventually diagnosed with “MTBI” or mild traumatic brai...


Lead Attorney Doug Horn

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Car Accident Concussions: What You Need to Know

As a Kansas City personal injury lawyer who concentrates on representing people hurt in motor vehicle accidents, I have seen a dramatic increase in co...

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Smart Parents Prepare for Teen Drivers by Updating Car Insurance Coverages

As the parent of a teenage driver, you want your child to be protected when they are behind the wheel. While the cost of properly insuring your child ...

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Get Serious about Supervised Driving

Graduated Driver’s Licensing (GDL) laws are in place to help teenage drivers get much-needed practice and experience before receiving the full l...

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Teach Your Teen Driver About These 5 Hidden Dangers

As a driver safety advocate and crash lawyer with 30 years of experience providing legal representation to people injured in motor vehicle accidents, ...

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Why Defensive Driving is the Best Thing Parents Can Teach Their Teen Drivers

I don’t think there is any question that driving has become more dangerous over the last ten years. Drivers are driving faster, more aggressivel...

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Why Glove Boxing the Phone Is the Best Example a Parent Can Set

As parents, we all know that using a cellphone while driving can lead to violent collisions that cause serious injury and death and teen drivers are p...


Lake of the Ozarks Considered One of America’s Most Dangerous Lakes

With 1,150 miles of shoreline and one of the largest man-made lakes in the Midwest, you might be surprised to learn that the Lake of the Ozarks is ran...

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Missouri Repeals Motorcycle Helmet Law

State’s Rising Roadway Death Toll Expected to Increase Come August 28th, don’t be surprised if you see more motorcyclists not wearing helm...