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by | Oct 7, 2023 | Personal Injury

The Horn Law Firm. P.C. are injury lawyers who concentrate their law practice in motor vehicle accidents that cause head, neck, back, and other serious injuries. They frequently represent persons who have suffered a head injury or concussion after a violent car collision. Horn Law’s Lead Attorney Doug Horn comments on the important considerations that follow a sudden onset of concussion.

1. Proper Concussion Evaluation

People talk and often want to meet with me several days after a car accident. In many cases they had immediate head and neck pain after the collision which developed into more severe headaches, periods of dizziness, problems with attention, a feeling of brain fog, and even vision or speech changes. Their spouse, significant other, or family members also confirm changes.

My first priority is to make sure they obtain a proper concussion evaluation from a physician. While there is no medical test to determine concussion, I want to get them connected to a concussion specialist. As I am establishing the insurance claims and conducting the legal investigations, a concussion specialist will conduct the proper examinations and perform the important medical monitoring work.

In terms of making sure concussion-related symptoms are reported and properly evaluated by medical personnel, I help my clients identify concussion-related problems in terms of their physical, psychological, and cognitive symptoms. This gives my client the ability to accurately report his or her symptoms to the doctors and therapists who are watching over the medical recovery.

2. Concussion Medical Care

Concussion care has drastically improved over the last several years. This has been so important to my clients as it helps them make the best medical recovery and a better legal recovery. There are now a range of specialists who provide concussion care, including neurologists, neuro-ophthalmologists, cognitive therapists, vestibular therapists, speech therapists, and psychologists.

Recently we resolved a concussion case for a college student who was having persistent symptoms that were impacting her school work. In particular, she was having vision issues, including sensitivity to light, reading difficulties, and some double vision issues. We got this young woman therapists who were trained in all of the new concussion resolution therapies and they able to start her on a rehabilitation program that improved her symptoms more quickly.

This made a significant difference in her quality of life and set the foundation for us to maximize her legal recovery. In the end, she recovered nicely. The legal case was resolved for $150,000.00.

3. Longer-Range Consequences of Concussion

It is not uncommon for our concussion clients to experience lingering symptoms that impact their physical, psychological, and cognitive health even after they have reached the end of their concussion care. In these cases, I obtain evidence from medical experts to explain how my client is going to have to manage their concussion injury. This is a very important step because it helps my client significantly improve their quality of life and also provides the legal foundation for awarding my client’s future damages.

Because a concussion victim is usually entitled to only one settlement and award, it is also important that the legal recovery reflect compensation that accounts for the fact that the concussion victim will be more susceptible to future issues, especially if he or she suffers another concussion.

About Doug Horn

Since 1990, Attorney Doug Horn has focused his law practice on representing injured persons in Missouri, Kansas, and across the Midwest. His areas of concentration include cases involving head, neck, back, and other serious injury requiring extended medical care and rehabilitation. In addition to his law practice, Horn frequently presents to national attorney audiences in the area of personal injury law and litigation.