Rapid Response from Attorney Doug Horn

Hello. I am Doug Horn, Lead Attorney of The Horn Law Firm. Our law firm exclusively handles injury cases, with a concentration in serious injury cases throughout Missouri and Kansas.

If you or a family member is facing a sudden onset of an accident-related injury, you deserve priority legal attention. I am available to provide immediate help, contact me:

  • Monday-Friday 8am-5:00 pm call 816-795-7500.
  • Evenings/Weekends-Use the Chat function on this website for rapid response.

My first priority when you call is to learn the basic facts pertaining to your accident, handle the insurance company adjusters, take care of the important legal and medical issues, and schedule legal consultation.

Early Legal Consultation

Legal consultations are free. The early legal consultation provides me the opportunity to obtain detailed information about your cases and make sure the important legal, medical, insurance, and financial issues are being addressed.

Because injury claims can involve multiple insurance coverages and avenues of recovery,   legal consultation also allows me to identify all sources of compensation for the injured person. This is important because injured persons are usually only entitled to one settlement or recovery to cover all past, present, and future damages.

At the consultation, I will also address the important medical issues, including the payment of medical bills and other financial concerns.  Because the laws that govern injury claims can be complex, I will be prepared to explain the process by which maximum recovery is obtained. If appropriate, we will fully discuss legal representation.

Office Consultations

Most legal consultations can be scheduled for our primary office in Independence, Missouri, directly across the street from Costco. This office is close and convenient to most living in eastern Jackson County. We can also arrange office consultations our “consultation offices” located in:

  • Kansas City Downtown (Crown Center area)
  • Northland (Zona Rosa shopping district near Dillards)
  • Overland Park (near College & Metcalf)

Home & Hospital Consultations

Home, hospital, and other convenient locations are available for those who need special arrangements. This works well for people who have suffered a disabling injury or who have issues with transportation.