Car Accident Injury Claims Require a Rapid Response Lawyer

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by | May 31, 2019 | Blog

Car, truck, and motorcycle crashes that result in an injury to the head, neck, back, hips, extremities, including the knee and shoulder joints, require immediate legal action in order to make sure the claim is fully and fairly settled. The primary reason for this is that these types of injuries often cause long-term physical restrictions that must be accounted for in any claim settlement. A rapid response lawyer is imperative in this situation.

Personal Injury lawyers have a high responsibility to maximize the settlement and award. You know you have the right lawyer when the lawyer is on your case quickly. In this regard, rapid response lawyers often make the difference between an average result and a top rate recovery. Here are 2 important things you should expect out of a rapid response lawyer right from the start:

  • Handle the Insurance Companies
  • Handle the Medical Issues

Handling the Insurance Adjuster

It is important that, in any personal injury case, I gain the upper hand with the insurance claims adjuster. Insurance adjusters are specially trained to “adjust” claims. That is why they refer to them as “adjusters”. Plain and simple, the adjuster’s job is to minimize the amount of settlement they pay out to an injured person who was negligently hurt by the person they insure. Insurance adjusters are not bad people, they are simply professionals that are doing their job.

As your lawyer, it is my job to determine all the insurance coverages that are in play. This can’t be overlooked. Next, I need to secure the important evidence and make sure the adjuster sets proper reserves in the case. If proper reserves are not set, it is much more difficult to maximize the final recovery.

Handling the Medical Issues

It is critical that I make sure my client receives proper medical examinations, evaluations, and diagnosis. Ultimately, the medical evidence will rule in the claim. It better be done right at the beginning. I also need to make sure my client is receiving proper diagnostic testing. I have had many cases where radiology evidence, secured at the beginning, has set the foundation for a maximum award. If I would not have had that evidence, my client would be looking at an average recovery.