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x-ray of fractured arm As Kansas City based Injury Lawyers, a substantial portion of our cases involve fractured or broken bones. Additionally, we also handle a fair number of claims that concern injuries to the joints and dislocations. In these cases, it is important to have thorough legal consultation as fractures, joint injuries, and dislocations can cause short-term disability and long-term problems. Because an injury victim only has one opportunity to obtain a fair settlement, it is important to obtain a full case evaluation from an attorney who regularly handles serious injury matters. For more detailed information, see the Important Information page.

Bone Fractures

X-ray evidence is crucial in any case involving a bone fracture. We will frequently retain an an expert radiologist to give expert opinion on the short and long-term affects of a bone fracture, dislocation, or another type of significant orthopedic injury. Although there are many types of bone fractures, the standard way of describing a fracture is either: displaced, non-displaced, open, or closed. A “displaced fracture” means the bone is broken into 2 or more parts. In a “non-displaced fracture,” the bone cracks either part or all the way through, but the bone maintains a proper alignment. Obviously, a displaced fracture is more complex, takes longer to heal, and can cause permanent disability. An “open fracture” is a fracture that punctures through the skin and a “closed fracture” does not break through the skin. This is an important distinction related to an injury claim because there is greater risk of infection with an open fracture. The seriousness of a particular bone fracture depends upon its location and the trauma done to the bone and the tissue surrounding the bone. Minor fractures take several weeks to heal, but moderate to severe fractures take months to heal, especially given the risk of infection and damage to the nerves and blood vessels involved in the trauma. Motorcycle accidents typically involve the more serious types of bone fractures. It is especially important that you have legal counsel in a claim that involves an open or displaced leg, ankle, or arm fracture. If you have suffered an open or displaced fracture through the negligence of another, early legal consultation is vital.

broken bone


A dislocation is a separation of two bones where they meet at a joint. A dislocated bone is out of position. Dislocations cause moderate to severe pain and damage to ligaments and nerves. Our firm has handled hundreds of cases where a joint becomes dislocated as a result of a sudden impact or trauma. In some cases you can tell immediately that a joint has become dislocated because the bone is visibly out of place or discolored. Usually, there is intense pain especially if weight or pressure is applied to the area of dislocation. While dislocations can heal more quickly than fracture, the joint is more susceptible to future trauma and injury.

Full Compensation for Fractures & Dislocations

Fractures, dislocations, and other joint injuries cause a great deal of pain and require expensive treatment. In some cases, undergoing surgery is the only way to adequately stabilize the trauma. In other cases, we have found our clients can benefit from a second medical opinion to help decide the best medical approach. Over the years, Horn Law has handled many severe trauma cases involving injury to the bones and joints of the arms, shoulders, ribs, knees, ankles, and legs. It is important not to settle or resolve these cases until maximum medical improvement is obtained. Also, it is important to consider the future consequences of the fracture, dislocation, or joint injury, including an assessment of present and future physical limitations. If you suffered a serious trauma due to the negligent action of another person, contact Doug Horn of The Horn Law Firm. Although we are based in Kansas City, Missouri, we handle cases throughout Missouri and Kansas. We have consultation offices in all major cities and we can make other arrangements to provide immediate help.  

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