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Hospital medication errors are the most devastating of medication errors and, unfortunately, more common than you might expect. In many of our past cases involving hospital error, it is important to note that you or your family members may be contacted immediately by a hospital administrator or a hospital risk management person. Please consult with a medical error lawyer before having significant discussions with a hospital representative. This is to protect the patient and ensure the best medical care going forward. We are a rapid response law firm and available to consult and investigate cases involving hospital medication errors without charge or obligation. Cases involving medication mistakes are highly complicated; therefore, we cannot accept a case until our investigation and analysis of the circumstances surrounding the injury is complete. Of all of the possible medical errors that can occur in the hospital, medication errors are most common in terms of number of mistakes. In particular, patients who are 65 and older are more at risk to be harmed by a hospital medication. They are more vulnerable because they tend to have more serious ailments and are more prone to negative drug interactions. Medication errors and mistakes in the hospital usually point to a very serious breakdown in hospital policies, procedures, and protocols. Because of past cases, we are familiar with hospital operations, including hospital record keeping. We know what kind of evidence will be vital in establishing the cause of the error. The most common hospital medication errors are:
  • Administering use of the wrong drug name
  • Poor communications among health care providers
  • Failing to account for a patient’s medical history
  • Administering the wrong dosage or not following the proper instructions
  • Administering a medication to the wrong patient
Even though hospitals are not required to report medication errors, studies show that approximately 72 percent of medication mistakes are initiated during the prescribing stage. About 15 percent of medication mistakes are due to negligent administration, and most of the administration errors involve negligent nursing care. Cases against hospitals are complex and we expect a vigorous defense from the hospital’s lawyers. When we accept a hospital liability case, we will do a full medical record review and an independent investigation of the particular hospital. Additionally, because medical causation of the injury will always be in dispute, we will retain the best medical experts to advance your case.

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