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Thousands of Missouri and Kansas motorists are injured each year in drunk driving accidents. Hundreds more are killed, leaving families devastated and struggling to cope.

Over the last 20 years, Horn Law has represented hundreds of clients who have been injured in drunk driving accidents throughout Kansas, Missouri, and other areas of the Midwest. Legal representation from Horn Law is very important because drunk driving accident victims and their families cannot rely upon law enforcement or insurance companies to protect their rights. Frequently, early case investigations and evaluations make a big difference in maximizing recovery.

Legal Representation in Drunk Driving Accident Cases

Lead attorney Doug Horn and the Horn Law team put a special emphasis in cases involving alcohol or drug impaired drivers who cause injury or death. Protecting the rights of a victim who has been injured by an impaired driver requires immediate and comprehensive investigations. These investigations not only concern the accident at hand, but center on the past conduct and history of the impaired driver. This type of investigation makes a big difference in maximizing recovery for our clients. At no point should a victim of a drunk driving accident be unrepresented.

Although many DUI/DWI accident cases may involve a criminal conviction, it is important to know that a conviction for drunk driving is only admissible if it is based upon a plea of guilty. However, in every case, it is important for Horn Law to follow the criminal case to make sure you have every advantage possible in your civil action for recovery of medical expense, lost income, pain, suffering, disability, and other personal loss caused by your accident injuries.

What to Do If You’re Injured By a Drunk Driver

Be very cautious in giving information to anyone who represents an insurance company. Do not sign any paperwork before consulting with an attorney who handles drunk driving crash cases. Insurance companies are not looking out for your best interests and every insurance claim must be properly investigated to discover all your rights to insurance compensation.

Please keep in mind that in every case involving a drunk driver who causes serious injury or death, there may be other compensation claims. This is why a complete legal evaluation and investigation is of high importance.

Further, if the drunk driving case involves a commercial driver or someone engaged in business activity, Horn Law injury lawyer investigations will be vital in supporting additional claims against the employer.

Our chief goal at Horn Law during the negotiation and litigation of a personal injury lawsuit is to recover much-needed compensation for medical bills, lost wages and long-term care. In cases involving drunk driving, our legal team takes a personal interest in the long-range ramifications. In recovering full and fair compensation, we hope to discourage negligent actions by businesses and individuals that lead to tragic accidents.

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