Because there are many injury lawyers to choose from, it is often difficult for the injured person to sort out who is the best lawyer for their case. Following are some tips that will help you make a good injury lawyer choice.

First, look for a lawyer who offers free consultations. The initial consultation is an important first step in obtaining a maximum recovery. At Horn Law, the initial consultation allows Attorney Doug Horn to learn about the claim and make an initial case evaluation. The consultation also allows Horn to take care of other important aspects of an injury claim including,

  • Taking care of property damage/rental car issues (car accident claims)
  • Securing important evidence
  • Performing legal investigations
  • Identifying all available insurance coverages
  • Working out medical issues

Look for a lawyer who concentrates in personal injury law and who has a track record of success. Experienced lawyers with a history of successful results in your type of case know what it takes to obtain the very best results.

Look for a lawyer who is prepared to invest in your case. By that we mean a lawyer who has a plan for recovery, is willing to dedicate his or her full professional resources to your case, and answers all of your questions.

Look for a lawyer that is working in your best interests. Outside of the legal issues, it is important that your injury lawyer helps resolve medical, insurance, transportation, work, and personal issues. This makes a big difference because it allows you the opportunity to concentrate on medical treatments, rehabilitation, and recovery.

Finally, look for a lawyer who has a helpful, competent paralegal staff. The lawyer’s paralegal staff plays an important role in making sure each case is handled with the highest degree of professionalism, which includes good communication and attention to detail.