Horn Law To Step Up Community Service in 2016

Hwy SponsorAs part of an ongoing effort to serve the local community, Horn Law will begin cleaning up litter on a stretch of westbound I-70 between Woods Chapel and Little Blue Parkway.  Due to Department of Transportation regulations, Horn Law has contracted with the “Adopt A Highway” organization to provide necessary litter removal along the side of the highway.

Horn Law is joining forces with a number of other local businesses who want to make an impact for the community. In this regard, Horn Law Founder, Doug Horn, thinks it’s important that business leaders give back to the communities they serve. “Improving our community is paramount, while litter removal is a necessary part of keeping the community clean, we will also continue to be committed to finding other ways to help make a difference”.

This is not Horn Law’s first venture into community service. For many years, Horn’s Drive By Example driving safety organization has been working to reduce the types of motor vehicle accidents that cause serious injury and traffic fatalities. “We just hope our efforts, whatever form they take, have a positive impact for the community. Every little bit helps”, Horn said.