Horn Law Obtains Six-figure Car Accident Settlement For A Local Family

179Earlier this month attorneys at Horn Law recovered a large insurance claim settlement for an Independence family injured by a drunk driver in 2014. The total settlement, which was in excess of $358,000, represented a full settlement for the driver of a vehicle and her 3 children. While the collision was violent with a severe force of impact, the mother and back seat children were spared from serious injury.

Lead Attorney Doug Horn, commenting on the size of the settlement, described the case as one of “aggravated liability”. Horn says that what made the case particularly troublesome was that the man responsible for the collision was drunk, uninsured, and living outside of Missouri. As a result, Horn Law brought the family’s claims under his client’s uninsured motorist coverage.

“This case is a perfect example of why it is so important that people protect themselves by having full insurance coverage with higher policy limits. In my experience more drivers are not insured. We are all subject to a new universe of roadway risk when we are behind the wheel” Horn said.

Horn urges all drivers to periodically check with their insurance agents to make sure they have proper coverages in place. “What used to be considered ample insurance limits, isn’t so true anymore.”