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by | Feb 22, 2016 | Horn Law News

As a Kansas City crash lawyer, Attorney Doug Horn has seen a sizeable change in his law practice over the last several years. “Since 2009 our law firm is handling a lot more crash cases involving texting while driving. There is no doubt that drivers are facing new dangers on the road”. Horn said. While texting teen drivers make up a considerable number of distracted drivers, Horn added that adult drivers are becoming the largest segment of distracted drivers as they are using their smart phones to keep up with busy work, personal, and family communications.

Horn has characterized the distracted driving epidemic as a “new universe of roadway risk” and he feels the problem may get worse. “With the proliferation of the cell phone, and the fact that cell phone use behind the wheel is both habit forming and addictive, this has become a public health crisis”.

As it relates to his law practice, Horn says that distracted driving accidents are causing more serious injuries. Because a distracted driver is not paying attention to the road, the collisions are more severe, causing a greater probability of serious injury, especially to the head and neck.