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Douglas R. Horn & Laurie Del Percio are Kansas City based trial lawyers with a concentration in serious injury and wrongful death cases. When tragedy strikes, we are easy to contact and quick to respond. It is important that family members have professionals they can turn to. Although Horn Law has both Kansas City and St. Louis Consultation Offices, special arrangements can be made at any location that is convenient for the family members. Our immediate concern is to help take on the burden of the potential legal claims.

Legal consultation is at no charge and there is no obligation to retain Horn Law. Our purpose is to educate family members with respect to 3 primary areas, including:

  • Liability (fault determinations)
  • Insurance Issues (party and coverage determinations)
  • Damages (financial recovery for the spouse/family members).


The liability or fault determinations are of major importance. This is because fault for an accident may be distributed among several different parties. Additionally, Missouri law also provides for recovery against a party even if their fault is minimal. The degree of fault is also important. For instance, a wrongful death caused by an intoxicated driver constitutes “aggravated liability” which makes a significant difference when evaluating case value. In the same sense, if a company has a history of repeated safety violations, and a death is caused, the fault of the company is considered “aggravated.”

Please note that the fault laws in Missouri and Kansas are different. Therefore, fault determination must be completed as early as possible.

Insurance Issues

Because many wrongful death legal actions involve multiple parties, the insurance coverages need to be sorted out among the responsible parties. We recently handled a complex Missouri truck accident wrongful death case that involved 9 different insurance coverages. Our clients maximized their recovery due to fact that specific attention was paid to the insurance coverage determination at an early point in the case. Insurance coverages are often difficult to determine especially where multiple parties are involved.

Because wrongful death cases involve significant recoveries, legal counsel must be diligent in uncovering all possible avenues of recovery, including the possibility of umbrella or excess coverages.


Wrongful death claims are governed by statutes in both Missouri and Kansas. As a result, damage determinations will change depending upon the jurisdiction or venue of the case. In some cases, special experts must be retained in order to fully establish the damages caused by the death of the family member. Calculations must be made as to the future economic benefit the deceased person would have brought to his or her family.

If the case involves the wrongful death of a child, special laws apply in determining the amount of damages allowed under state law. Because the damage determinations are complex, it is important that your attorney have experience in cases involving child, adult, or elderly wrongful death cases.

By their nature, wrongful death cases and claims are highly complex and require special attention. You have our guarantee that Horn Law will devote our full professional abilities, resources, experience, and respect to your case.

Horn Law has successfully handled a number of wrongful death cases, including deaths arising from all types of car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, medical error, and hazardous / dangerous conditions. Additionally, we handle death cases arising from work injuries, falls, explosions, electrocutions, and toxic exposure.

Kansas City Wrongful Death Lawyers on Your Side

While no financial recovery can ever compensate for the loss of a loved one, we have given our clients exceptional results under very difficult circumstances. Because every case has special considerations, we are prepared to help as soon as possible. For legal consultation, we offer consultation offices in Independence, Kansas City, & Overland Park, Kansas. Arrangements can be made for special consultation across Missouri & Kansas, including St. Louis, MO and western Kansas. Please contact us 816-795-7500 to arrange for wrongful death claims consultation with Attorneys Douglas Horn and Laurie Del Percio.