If you or a family member has been injured in a truck collision, contact Attorney Doug Horn as soon as possible. There are special investigations involved in a truck crash case. As well, there are both state and federal laws that govern trucks and other commercial vehicles used in business operations. We are well-versed in the complex aspects of truck laws and truck accident litigation.

Please do not talk to the trucking company’s representatives or claim adjusters.

We are a rapid response injury law firm that is prepared to handle cases throughout Missouri and Kansas. Lead Attorney Doug Horn is easy to contact and quick to respond. Legal consultation is vital and helps us start the all-important investigations and accident reconstruction.

Horn Law has convenient consultation offices and we can always arrange for consultation in the home or hospital if that is necessary.

Horn Law Investigations

Investigation of an accident involving a truck involves special considerations, including the following:

1. Accident Scene Investigations (preservation of evidence)

2. Truck Driver Investigations (driving record, employment histories, etc.)

3. Truck Company Investigations (including truck maintenance documentation)

4. Truck Accident Reconstructions (experts in crash reconstruction)

Although the majority of our truck cases come from western and southern Missouri, we handle tractor-trailer accidents in Kansas and other parts of the Midwest. While is important for your attorney to know state laws that pertain to truckers, truck drivers and trucking firms are highly regulated by federal regulations. These federal regulations are always of utmost importance in trucking accident investigation, claims, and litigation.

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If you’ve been in a truck accident, contact the lawyers at Horn Law, located in St. Louis, Kansas City, Independence, and Overland Park, to speak with our team about your options for pursuing a legal claim. Our experienced and qualified legal team can recommend a course of action to take against the reckless or negligent truck driver who caused the accident.