10 Important Tips For Parents of Teen Drivers

Parents hold the key when it comes to teen driver safety and should understand that they have the most influence over their teen’s driving behaviors and habits. In fact, parents are the most important driving role model for their teen. Below is some important information to help parents provide protection for their young driver.

1. Drive By Example
Be a good role model for your children by always driving alert, buckled, cautious, and defensive.

2. Enforce The Missouri GDL Law
The Missouri Graduated Driver’s Licensing Law (GDL Law) imposes special restrictions on teen drivers, including passenger limits and curfews.

3. Always Require Seat Belts For Everyone
By the time your teen is ready to drive, buckling up should be a well-worn in habit. Instruct your teen driver to make sure all passengers are belted before starting the car.

4. Keep Them On The Defense
Teaching your teen driver to be a “defensive driver” may be the single best tip contained on this page.

5. Glove Box The Phone
Distracted driving has created a new universe of risk for all drivers. Teach your teen driver to resist the temptation to use a cell phone or other portable devises by stashing them away while driving.

6. Choose A Safe Vehicle
Pick a larger vehicle that offers state-of-the art crash protection. Avoid older vehicles and vehicles with a higher center of gravity, including many sport utility models.

7. Consider A Teen Driving Agreement
Your best opportunity to develop a safe teen driver is by controlling driving privileges. To help you protect your teen driver, consider using a Teen Driving Agreement, which you can download right here.

8. Visit With Your Car Insurance Agent
Most local agents are happy to sit down with you and your teen in order to explain insurance coverages, available discounts for safe drivers, and the driving strategies that minimize the risk of an accident.

9. Go Over Accident Reminders
Make sure your son or daughter is familiar with the accident reminders that are listed below

• Stay Calm
• Turn Off The Car – Pull out of traffic if accident is minor
• Call The Police – Dial 911 and be prepared to state your location
• Be Cautious in Exiting The Car
• Protect The Scene – Engage hazard lights and raise your hood
• Aid The Injured – Call for an ambulance if unsure
• Be Polite and Courteous – No matter who is at fault

10. Preach The ABC’s of Safe Driving
Keep driving safety high on your teen’s consciousness by continually reminding them to drive alert, buckled, and cautious. Add a “D” for defensive for extra protection.