What Parents Should Know About Drive by Example

Because parents hold the key when it comes to protecting their teen driver, Drive By Example wants to assist parents is keeping their teen drivers accident-free. Following are several things parents of teen driver should consider in order to fully protect their teen driver.

First, parents should understand that they have the most influence over their teen’s driving behaviors and habits. Drive By Example was named in recognition of the fact that parents are the most important driving role model for their teen.

Second, parents should be aware that there is more to driving than knowing the rules of the road and being able to pass a driver’s test. At Drive By Example we believe that the important aspect of safe driving is based on the “approach” drivers follow when behind the wheel. All drivers must understand that they have a duty to drive their vehicle with the “highest degree of care”. This is a high standard and, unfortunately, our driving culture has suffered because young, inexperience drivers do not fully appreciate their driving responsibility.

Third, get a copy of the paperback “Not So Fast-Parenting Your Teen Though the Dangers of Driving” by Tim Hollister. While this book may not take away your anxiety when it comes to your teen driver’s protection, it contains excellent information related to providing the best driving protection for your child. Make it a point to pass it on to other parents.

Finally, as parents, our best opportunity to develop a safe teen driver is by controlling driving privileges. While our Drive By Example Driving Privileges Agreement is not for everyone, it does give parents an opportunity to keep driving safety a priority in their home.

In addition to the above, please consider the top 10 things a parent can do to fully protect their teen driver listed below.

  1. Drive By Example
  2. Pay Attention
  3. Reinforce The 3 Safe Driving Habits, Drive Alert, Buckled & Composed
  4. Always Supervise Practice Driving
  5. Choose a Vehicle With A High Safety Rating
  6.  Use & Enforce The Driving Privileges Agreement (below)
  7. Recognize a Teen Driver’s Need To Become Independent
  8. Insure Your Teen, Not The Vehicle
  9. Enroll Your Teen Driver In a Private Driver Skills Course
  10. Always Be Available For Help & Support