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People are unfairly injured in Missouri every day — even in the peaceful communities of Jackson and Lafayette counties. Most of those accidents are entirely unintentional, but they’re nevertheless preventable, and that’s a concept that confuses many people.

Let us explain.

Missouri personal injury law entitles victims of negligence to financial compensation for their damages.

A person (or business) is negligent when he or she behaves carelessly, breaks certain safety rules or regulations, or acts in a way that no reasonable person would have in those specific circumstances.

It is entirely possible to be negligent without meaning to be. Actually, that’s usually how it happens.

Consider the person who absentmindedly speeds or runs a red light. Or the business that doesn’t hire enough people to inspect its sales floor, so a slippery puddle doesn’t get cleaned up before someone falls in it. Or the nurse who drops a newborn during delivery.

None of these people intend to cause anyone harm. But whether they wanted to injure you or not usually isn’t relevant under personal injury law. Rather, the question is merely whether they were negligent — did they fall short of the standard of carefulness?

Why does the law require negligent people to pay for injuries even if they were accidental? Because they were the ones with the responsibility to prevent it from happening. They were the ones in the best position to spare the victim from harm. And that’s a responsibility that Missouri takes seriously.

Let’s look at our earlier examples again, this time with Missouri’s negligence rules in mind.

Absent-mindedness isn’t an excuse for dangerous driving; drivers have a legal duty to pay attention and make sure they don’t accidentally speed. Likewise, businesses have a duty to inspect their sales floor before they invite the public inside to buy their products. And nurses have a duty to exercise extreme care to ensure that they don’t harm a child during birth — after all, they are the trusted professionals, not the patients.

Those are just a few examples of the many scenarios in which negligence manifests itself every single day, all across The Show Me State. And when those things happen, the victims often find themselves facing a battle that they frankly aren’t prepared for. Usually, that war is with the insurance company.

If you’ve been injured in or around Oak Grove, Missouri, you need an experienced attorney to stand up for your rights and prevent negligent people from depriving you of the money you’re owed.

Insurance company adjustors are well trained in the art of denying compensation. If they contact you with a settlement offer, you can safely assume that it is probably less than what is owed to you. They will fight hard to pay you as little as possible, and that’s where we can help.

Horn Law is an aggressive personal injury law firm based in Kansas City, Missouri. We have spent many years defending the rights of innocent people and small businesses all across our state, including Lafayette County and Jackson County.

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Insurance companies start to sing a different tune once an aggressive Missouri personal injury law firm enters the picture. We should know — we spent a lot of years defending insurance companies against these same kinds of claims. Sometimes we still do. In fact, that insider’s perspective gives us invaluable insight into the best strategies for your claim.

We already know how the other side is going to approach your case because we’ve been there many times before. And we can effectively counter them on your behalf.

Our Oak Grove personal injury attorneys will comprehensively review your claim and can even work with outside experts as needed to make sure that we can make the most persuasive and compelling case possible.

At Horn Law, our goal is always to maximize your compensation. We’ll work tirelessly toward that aim.

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Choosing the right attorney is one of the most important decisions you’ll make in the aftermath of any accident, second only to your decision to seek urgent medical care. A lawyer with experience in insurance litigation can make all the difference.

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