Nursing Home Neglect Attorneys

Serving Kansas City, Independence, Blue Springs & Lee’s Summit

Horn Law Attorneys, Douglas R. Horn and Laurie L. Del Percio, represent nursing home residents victimized by medication errors, falls, and other instances of nursing neglect that result in serious injury or death.

Because nursing homes are highly regulated, these cases demand skilled legal representation by lawyers and law firms who have a track record of success in nursing home claims and litigation. To this end, Mr. Horn and Ms. Del Percio have a concentration in representing individuals and families who are dealing with a nursing home accident. Horn Law is prepared to quickly respond to suspected nursing home errors, mistakes, and negligence by providing immediate help, including free legal consultations and investigations. In addition to their 4 Kansas City area consultation offices, we can specially arrange close and convenient consultations in other locations.

Family Consultations

Lead Attorney Doug Horn is available for consultation with family members. These consultations are valuable to initiate proper investigations. Call 816-795-7500 to schedule consultation with Mr. Horn.

Early legal consultation is also preferred in order that the Horn Law legal team can begin securing important evidence. In addition to medical records, nursing home investigations are vital before legal claims can be properly presented.

Following are the most common Horn Law nursing home cases.

  • Neglect of proper care and treatment of elderly patients
  • Failure to follow nursing home procedures/protocols
  • Falls and faulty transfers
  • Medication Errors

Because nursing home patients are vulnerable, improper care, treatments, and attention can result in pressure sores, ulcers, malnutrition, dehydration, infection, and a range of other dangerous situations. In many cases we find the underlying reason for these types of conditions is inadequate number of nurses and staff, failure to follow proper nursing & medical guidelines, insufficient training, and patient inattention.

Over the last 10 years Horn Law has a track record of success in cases arising from nursing home neglect and accidents. The most common cases we handle are falls of patients resulting in fracture and joint injuries, medication errors resulting in hospitalization, missing early warning signs of skin lesions, bedsores, infections, and other dangerous medical conditions.

Although most of our cases arise in the Kansas City area, we handle cases throughout Missouri and Kansas. Contact us if a loved one has suffered nursing home negligence.