Drive By ExampleThe MCRS has identified 9 key strategies that must be implemented in order to make significant progress toward meeting the 2016 fatality reduction goal. These strategies, referred to as the “Necessary Nine”,  are listed at the bottom of this page.

Proposal for Missouri

Because Missouri is facing a growing number of distracted, impatient, and aggressive drivers that is contributing to a rise in traffic fatalities, Drive By Example is advocating that the MCRS add “Implementing Defensive Driving Initiatives” as a 10th key strategy.

Defensive driving initiatives can be broadly defined as traffic safety communication campaigns and educational programs that not only make drivers more attentive to the risks on road, but also give them the tools to take a safer, more defensive approach to driving.

Through a sustained commitment to defensive driving initiatives, Missouri will be able to alert drivers to the new universe of roadway risk, increase driver competency, and re-enforce a driver’s responsibility to exercise the highest degree of care in the operation of his or her motor vehicle. All of this will result in a reduction in the types of crashes that lead to serious injury and roadway fatalities.

In addition to helping Missouri meet short-term traffic safety goals, defensive driving initiatives, such as the one proposed here, will also work to keep driver safety high on the public consciousness and set the foundation for a change to the driving culture.

The Drive By Example Model

Drive By Example has developed a driver safety communications platform that can serve as the framework for a comprehensive defensive driving initiative in Missouri. Based on a clear, concise, and memorable driver safety message to “drive by example – alert, buckled, and cautious”, the Drive By Example model is a perfect fit for a defensive driving initiative because it influences drivers to adopt the habits and behaviors that protect themselves, their passengers, and others on the roadway.

Applicable to all drivers, young and old, Drive By Example would also allow Missouri to extend the reach of defensive driving initiatives to a variety of driving safety partners, including school districts and private sector firms. With limited budgets and resources, engaging driving safety partners will be a key element in advancing driver safety in Missouri.

The “Necessary Nine”

Here is a list of the “Necessary Nine” key strategies that are currently being implemented by the MCRS.

  1. Increase Safety Belt Use
  2. Expand the Installation of Rumble Strips/Stripes
  3. Increase Efforts to Reduce the Number of Impaired Drivers
  4. Improve Intersection Safety
  5. Improve Curve Safety
  6. Change Traffic Safety Culture
  7. Improve Roadway Shoulders
  8. Increase Enforcement Efforts
  9. Expand and Improve Roadway Visibility