Medication Error Attorneys

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Over the years Horn Law has developed an exceptional track record in all types of pharmacy and medication error cases, including:

  • Child / Infant Pharmacy Error
  • Child / Infant Hospital Medication Error
  • Special Needs Child Pharmacy Error
  • Adult Pharmacy Error
  • Adult Hospital Medication Error
  • Disabled Adult Pharmacy Error
  • Nursing Home Medication Error

If you or someone you know has fallen victim to a pharmacy or medication mistake, you can contact attorney Doug Horn for legal consultation and investigation. Our firm can offer legal consultations and investigations free of charge. If we can accept a case, we will devote our full professional abilities and resources to help victims of medication errors in order to recover medical expenses, lost income, and other personal loss.

In general, our case experience reveals the following about the types and reasons for medication errors.

The Most Common Types of Medication Errors

Our case experience at Horn Law supports other expert opinion that the most common medication errors include:

  1. Confusion caused by similar drug names
  2. Administering the wrong dosage
  3. Failing to account for a patient’s medical history
  4. Mis-communication between doctors, nurses, and pharmacists
  5. Failing to check patient identification to ensure a drug is administered to the right patient

The Most Common Reasons For Medication Errors

  1. Environmental Distractions – increasing demands upon nurses and/or pharmacists, work interruptions such as personal business, high noise levels, speakers, and telephones
  2. Staffing Issues – too few employees, many who may not be properly trained or supervised
  3. Safety Breakdowns – safety policies, procedures, and protocols are not followed

Learn more about medication and pharmacy errors and how Horn Law can help with you with your case:

Contact Horn Law at 795-7500 for a free legal consultation. After initial telephone consultation, Lead Attorney Douglas Horn can provide an initial case evaluation. Horn Law can also provide free investigations. Legal consultation, case evaluation, and investigations from an experienced injury lawyer are vital in any case where you are dealing with insurance claim adjusters or other insurance company representatives.