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Local attorney launches campaign to reduce texting and driving crashes

Attorney Doug Horn contributed to a KSHB-TV news story which dealt with efforts to obtain a full texting while driving ban in Missouri. Presently, only drivers 21 and younger are prohibited from texting while driving.

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Classmates mourn 16-year-old killed in crash

Doug Horn, founder, Drive By Example, examines how much people should be concerned about cellphone use behind the wheel, why distracted driving is worse than drunk driving, and how to go about raising driving standards.
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Local crash lawyer emphasizes consequences of distracted driving

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Attorney on Mission to Curb Distracted Driving
Channel 2 (ABC), St. Joseph, Missouri

Distracted Driving Crashes More Violent than Drunk Driving Crashes

Metro Lawyer Starts Anti-Distracted Driving Campaign

Interstate 70 tops Missouri’s deadliest highway list

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