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Distracted Driving Statistics

Distracted driving, including using a cell phone while driving, has become an epidemic and now represents America’s top driving safety priority. While there are many types of distractions that cause drivers to divert their eyes from the road, current estimates point to at least 25% of crashes in the U.S. are the result of a distracted driver using a cell phone.

As a Kansas City Car Accident Lawyer, I have seen first hand how a cell phone has led to a distracted driving crisis. I am handling an increasing number of cases where a distracted driver has taken their eyes off the road often causing a violent collision resulting in serious injury. Now, with the introduction of the smart phone, drivers are not only able to talk/text while driving, but a host of other computer-like functions are available such as navigation, accessing the Internet, checking email, and engaging in social media.

In regards to distracted driving prevention, most states (Missouri being an exception) have enacted anti-texting laws to help reduce distracted driving collisions. Unfortunately, because these texting while driving laws are difficult to enforce and carry minimal fines, there has not been a substantial reduction of distracted driving accidents.

Drive By Example, a Distracted Driving Solution

In order to substantially improve our efforts toward distracted driving prevention, I believe that driver safety communication programs could play a larger role in influencing drivers to put down the phone and keep their eyes on the road. In this regard, in 2011, I started Drive By Example, a public service organization that designs and helps implement driver safety communications programs for both the public and private sector.

I believe that when the Drive By Example message is consistently communicated, in distracted driving articles and more, it not only helps keep safe driving high on the public consciousness, but also encourages people to live up to a higher driving standard. This is important because many drivers treat driving as a secondary activity and are easily tempted to fall into bad habits, including distracted driving behaviors.

The Drive By Example is perfectly suited for distracted driving prevention because the program:

1) Is built upon a clear, concise memorable driver safety message that is applicable to all drivers.

2) Influences drivers to adopt a defensive driving approach to driving that protects themselves, their passengers, and others on the roadway.

3) Inspires drivers to meet a higher driving standard such that drivers are motivated to exercise the highest degree of care behind the wheel. In 2015, we are hoping to expand Drive By Example beyond Kansas City. Our aim is to significantly contribute to Missouri’s goal to reduce annual roadway fatalities in Missouri to below 700 by 2016. For more information, visit drivebyexample.com.

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