Basic Rights in Personal Injury Case

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First, with regard to damage to your car, you have a right to have your car repaired to its pre-accident condition. You also have a right to be reimbursed for a rental car during the time your car is being repaired. If your car is considered to be a total loss, you have a right to be paid the fair market value of the vehicle based on the value just before the collision. In a total loss circumstance, you have a right to a rental car up until the insurance pays you the fair market value of the vehicle.

Second, you have a right to choose your doctor and other medical providers. You also have a right to be compensated (or reimbursed) for your reasonable and necessary medical treatment regardless of any health insurance or other medical coverage you have. You have a right to recover lost income and other out-of-pocket losses caused by the accident.

Third, you have a right to recover compensation for pain, suffering, discomfort, disability and other non-economic damages. Although it is often difficult to put these types of damages in term of dollars, an injury lawyer can help evaluate your claim.

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