The Horn Law Firm is a Kansas City based personal injury law firm with an exceptional track record in maximizing settlement and recovery in a wide-variety of injury and wrongful death claims, including cases involving motor vehicle accidents, premises liability, injuries to children, medical error, industrial accidents, and worker’s compensation.

As Kansas City Accident Lawyers, Horn Law’s primary office is located in at the intersection of Highway 40 and I-470 (across the street from Costco) in Independence, Missouri.  The firm also has 3 consultation offices in the Kansas City area, in addition to consultation offices in St. Louis and Springfield.

Douglas R. Horn is Horn Law’s Founder & Principal Partner. Laurie L. Del Percio is the Lead Litigation Attorney. For more information on either Doug Horn or Laurie DelPercio, click here.

Horn Law handles cases throughout Missouri & Kansas with the majority of cases arising out of western Missouri, including the Greater Kansas City Metropolitan area. Horn Law concentrates in the following types of injury cases:

Horn Law is prepared to immediately conduct legal consultation and investigations. In order to accommodate clients, home, hospital, or other appointments can be easily arranged with Doug Horn.

Do I Really Need an Injury Lawyer?

In some cases, the decision to be represented by a lawyer is painfully obvious, such as when you have been seriously injured, the medical bills are mounting, and you are having difficulty working or getting along in your daily routine. But in other situations, the decision is not obvious, and there are injury cases which you can handle without a lawyer.

For instance, in an auto accident, if the collision causes only bumper damage and you have quickly recovered from your injury, you may be able to resolve your own case with the insurance company. However, in some cases, which at first do not appear serious, can quickly get out of hand. For example, your injuries could get worse instead of better over time requiring additional medical treatments and missed time from work.

You may also find yourself in a situation in which an insurance company is giving you the run around. Keep in mind that insurance adjusters are trained professionals who want to settle claims on terms favorable to the insurance company that employs them. You, on the other hand, are interested in a fair settlement that will fully compensate you for all of your damages, including the non-economic damages like pain, suffering, discomfort, disability, interference, inconvenience, distress, and loss of enjoyment of life.

If it is soon after an accident and you are not sure if you will need a lawyer, it still makes sense to call us for free consultation and investigation. I can focus in on your case, explain your rights, point out the controlling law and deadlines, help with medical & insurance issues, and preserve important evidence that may become important later on.