Kansas City Personal Injury Claim Attorneys

Horn Law handles a wide variety of personal injury claims arising throughout Missouri and Kansas. Over the years we have compiled an extensive track record in maximizing our client’s settlement or recovery for damages suffered due to an injury caused by someone else’s negligence.

At Horn Law, we never accept a case unless we can make a substantial difference in our client’s settlement or recovery. When we agree to undertake legal representation, we have several important responsibilities to our client. First, because our client deserves full compensation for his or her injuries, we must account for all of the ways that the injury has disrupted our client’s life including:

medical treatments, medical expense, wage or salary loss, pain, suffering, discomfort, physical limitations, mental distress, mental anguish, interference with daily routine, permanent disability, susceptibility to future injury, etc.

Second, as your legal representative, we take responsibility for all dealings with the insurance companies. We provide zealous representation to make sure you receive the best possible recovery.

Lead Attorney Doug Horn offers Free Consultations. Please keep in mind that we have 4 convenient consultation offices in the Kansas City area and home and hospital consultations can be easily arranged.

Please review the Important Information page, which has additional information about what is covered during the initial consultations. The following is a list of our major practice areas:

Motor Vehicle Accidents
All types of car, truck, and motorcycle collisions, including accidents caused by negligent, impaired, distracted driving, aggressive, dangerous, and reckless drivers.

Horn Law also handles cases against drivers who did not have automobile insurance.

Premises Liability
Horn Law handles injury cases caused by hazards or dangerous conditions that cause a sudden onset of injury.

Injuries to Children
These cases require special attention due to the complex liability and damages issues. Horn Law handles a variety of cases, including injuries at day care due to negligent supervision or injuries caused by hazards or unsafe conditions.

Work-Related Injuries
Horn Law handles cases arising from work-related car and truck accidents, accidents that happen in the course of delivery, industrial accidents, construction site and maintenance-related injuries.