What If The Insurance Claims Adjuster Is Giving Me The Run Around?

It is very common for people to think a Claims Adjuster is giving them the run around. Although this may be true in some cases, what you may think is the “run around” is simply the Claims Adjuster doing his or her job to minimize your claim and pay you less than you deserve.

Most Adjusters are decent people who want to do their job as well as they can. Unfortunately, this works against the injured person who just wants to be treated fairly.

In these cases, it is best to seek legal consultation from an injury lawyer experienced in negotiating with insurance companies. There is no doubt that insurance companies are difficult and it will wear you out, especially when you have been injured through no fault of your own and your life has been turned inside out.

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How Is An Injury Lawyer Paid?

Injury lawyers typically work on a “contingent fee” basis or a percentage of the final settlement or recovery. Contingent fees work very well because the injured person does not have to come up with any money to have legal representation. Also, once the injury lawyer accepts the case, because the attorney fee is contingent, the injury lawyer has a very strong incentive to obtain a full recovery.

*Hiring a lawyer is an important decision and should take into consideration multiple factors. For detailed information about hiring an injury lawyer, see the Kansas City Injury Lawyers page.

What can I expect at settlement?

If you agree to settle your injury claim, you will be asked to sign a Release of Claim. A Release of Claim is an enforceable contract and effectively concludes the case in exchange of a sum of money. Your lawyer will give you specific advice about the Release of Claim.

Prior to receiving your settlement, the lawyer should provide you with a settlement distribution so that you know the exact amount of attorney fees. The settlement check will likely be made payable to you and your lawyer. The lawyer will have you endorse the settlement check and then deposit it into the law firm’s trust account. The lawyer will then distribute the settlement as agreed.

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