Kansas City, MO High School Driving Safety Initiatives

In an effort to bolster teen driver protection, Drive By Example is recommending that school district officials incorporate comprehensive driving safety programs into the high schools.


With teen driver traffic deaths trending upward, high school driver safety programs will be vital in reducing the types of teen driver collisions that cause serious injury and roadway fatalities. Additionally, a well-designed high school teen driver protection initiative, that includes awareness campaigns and driver safety education, will not only raise teen driver competency, but also set the foundations for driving culture change in the community that the high school serves.

The Drive By Example Model

In this regard, Drive By Example has developed a driving safety platform that can assist high schools in implementing a sustained, effective driving safety program. The primary objective is to influence teen drivers to adopt safe driving habits and behaviors that protect themselves, their passengers, and other on the road.

Through Drive By Example signs, posters, driving safety events, assemblies, and educational-related activities, the high school can reinforce driving safety on a daily basis. This allows the school to keep driving safety high on the student consciousness and sets the foundation for community driving culture change.

Overall, Drive By Example is a perfect fit for high school application because the platform:

  • is built on a clear, concise, and memorable driver safety message to “drive by example – alert, bucked, and cautious”;
  • addresses multiple teen driving safety priorities, including the reduction of distracted, reckless, and impaired driving;
  • emphasizes a defensive driving approach that is centered on the protection of teen drivers and their passengers;
  • encourages a higher driving standard, personal responsibility, and student leadership.

Driving Safety Education

Drive By Example is also advocating that high schools provide driver safety education as part of the high school educational offerings. While traditional “driver’s ed” is being phased out,  driving safety education in the classroom addresses a vital public safety concern which can be easily included within the high school’s health studies curriculum.

In order to assist high schools with driver safety education instruction, Drive By Example’s model high school program includes a driver safety education course that gives students a solid foundation in driver safety, including instruction on safe driving habits and behaviors, vehicle safety, and emergency/accident procedures.

In the TV news clip below, Drive By Example’s founder, Douglas  Horn discusses his plan for high school driver safety education.

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