Drive By Example

In order to combat the new universe of roadway risk caused by a growing number of distracted, aggressive, and impatient drivers, Attorney Doug Horn has developed a model driving safety campaign that can help a variety of organizations implement effective safe driving programs.

Built on a clear, concise, and memorable driver safety message, the Drive By Example campaign is designed to address America’s top driving safety priorities, including teen driver protection and distracted driving prevention. The objectives of the campaign are encourage drivers to use the highest degree of care and keep driver safety high on the public consciousness.

Unlike traditional driving safety campaigns, which tend to address a single form of dangerous driving (ie drunk driving, distracted driving), Drive By Example targets all forms of dangerous driving. The DBE core message is that drivers are in the best position to protect themselves, their passengers, and others on the roadway when they drive alert, buckled, and cautious.

While the Drive By Example program can be a perfect fit for high schools, it can also serve as the foundation for other driving safety stakeholders, including corporations, to significantly advance driver safety efforts.

High School Campaigns

While many high schools do address driving safety through one-time assemblies or special events, the Drive By Example campaign for high schools is unique in that it is a sustained program that is designed to re-enforce safe driving throughout the student’s high school career. In this regard, the Drive By Example campaign utilizes permanent signs, social media alerts, and student outreach events to help the high school be a beacon for driving safety.

Future plans include the development of a 10 week driver safety classroom course that can be implemented into the high schools health/well-ness curriculum. While this is not meant to replace traditional driver education, it will provide an excellent foundation in driver safety that will help protect against teen driver collisions.

Corporate Protection Campaigns

In an effort to limit risk and liability, many companies have enacted policies, procedures, and protocols aimed at governing employee cell phone use behind the wheel. However, corporate safe driving policies, although well-intentioned, can create additional legal exposure if there is no follow-through with employee training, education, commitment, and enforcement.

Given the above, a Drive By Example corporate protection campaign can provide a low-cost method of keeping driving safety high on the business agenda. In addition to contributing to employee health and well-ness, the Drive By Example campaign is a highly effective way of raising levels of driver competency, supporting corporate safe driving policies, and reducing corporate liability.

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