Drive By Example signDrive By Example is a public service organization that provides driving safety communication platforms to driving safety stakeholders in order that they may effectively address top traffic safety priorities, including fatality reduction, distracted driving prevention, and teen driver protection.

Based in Kansas City, Drive By Example is led by Douglas R. Horn, an attorney who concentrates in motor vehicle accident law and crash litigation.

Unlike traditional safe driving campaigns, which tend to rely upon laws and law enforcement to coax responsible driving, Drive By Example uses positive forming to influence encourage all drivers (not just outlaw drivers) to adopt safe driving habits and behaviors that protect themselves, their passengers, and others on the roadway.

Built on a clear, concise, and memorable driving safety message to “drive by example”, the Drive By Example platform is a perfect fit for States who want to implement a single, comprehensive driving safety program to reduce to a growing number of distracted, impatient, and aggressive driver.

In addition to helping States meet traffic safety goals, the Drive By Example platform can also be used to develop state-wide traffic safety partnerships. For instance, the platform can be easily implemented in school districts to bolster high school teen driver protection or in private sector corporations through the Drive By Example Corporate Protection Plan.

With reduced state highway department budgets, these types of traffic safety partnerships will be a vital tool in keeping driving safety high on the public consciousness and setting the foundation for positive changes in the driving culture.

About Doug Horn

Doug HornDouglas R. Horn, Lead Attorney of The Horn Law Firm, P.C., is a Kansas City personal injury lawyer who concentrates his practice in representing victims of motor vehicle collisions. Since 1990, Horn has an impressive track record in a wide variety of serious injury and wrongful death cases resulting from auto, truck, and motorcycle accidents.

During the course of his legal career, Horn has developed an expertise in a range of driver safety issues. As a result, Horn founded Drive By Example to help advance driver safety, particularly in the areas of distracted driving prevention and teen driver protection.

Using the Drive By Example platform, Horn works with public and private sector driving safety stakeholders to implement effective driver safety programs. Horn is also very active in driver safety advocacy and a frequent media contributor, including regular TV, radio, print, and online appearances.

For more information on how your organization can implement Drive By Example, contact Doug Horn at