“Northland” Kansas City, MO Personal Injury Attorneys

Horn Law offers a convenient consultation office in the Zona Rosa Shoppingdir_northland Center for our clients who live in the “Northland”. Our office is strategically located for our growing client base that lives in the communities lying north of the Missouri River and includes areas such as North Kansas City, Parkville, Liberty, Gladstone, Claycomo, Riverside, Weatherby Lake, Lake Waukomus, Platte City and Smithville.

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The Northland office serves both Platte and Clay counties, with a large part within the city limits of Kansas City, Missouri but also includes Platte City, Weston, Kearney, and Excelsior Springs.

Additionally, Northland car accident and personal injury lawyers Douglas R. Horn and Laurie L. Del Percio offer home consultations or we can visit you at any of the northland hospitals, including Saint Lukes Northland, Liberty Hospital, North Kansas City Hospital, and Saint Luke’s Northland-Smithville.

The Northland is one of the fastest growing areas in the Kansas City Metro area. Development along Barry Road, Shoal Creek and Tom Watson Parkway (64th Street) has created traffic problems such as the intersection at 64th Street and I-29 (2nd most dangerous intersection in Kansas City).

Living in the Northland offers easy access to Interstates I-29, I-35, I-435 and highways 152, 169, 92 and 210. Along with the convenience comes more congestion thus more accidents. Couple that with the commuters going to and from The Kansas City International Airport or vacationers traveling to Smithville lake and you have a recipe for disaster.

Our address is 7280 NW 87th Terrace, Building C, Suite 210, Kansas City, MO 64153. The consultation office is in the Citizen’s Bank building across the street from Dillard’s. When you enter Zona Rosa, take Prairie View north past Dick’s Sporting Goods. There is parking lot across the street and east of the Citizen’s Bank building. Our office is on the Regus 2nd floor.

Recent Kansas City Northland Car Accident Cases

I-29/64th Street

In December 2012 our client was rear-ended with a severe force of impact while on the exit ramp off of Interstate 29 leading to 64th Street. She suffered a sudden onset of head, neck, and back injuries. She was transported to the St. Luke’s Northland hospital emergency room off of Barry Road. She was treated and released and is now under the care of an orthopedic specialist.

Lead Attorney Douglas Horn conducted an investigation which revealed that the adverse driver was driving at a high rate of speed exiting the highway behind our client. The driver was distracted by their cell phone and collided with the rear of our client’s Kia, causing a total loss of the vehicle.

The adverse driver was insured with Progressive Insurance and we instructed the adjuster to preserve the adverse driver’s cell phone in case we need to pull data from the cell phone to prove that the driver was using their cell phone just before the collision.

The intersection in question, I-29 and 64th Street, is one of the most dangerous intersection in Kansas City according to Doug Horn. Horn recently named his most dangerous Kansas City intersections and I-29/64th Street was number 2 on his list.

Highway 92

Our Smithville client was injured in an accident of Highway 92 when a teenage boy with a car load of teenager passenger suddenly backed out of private drive onto the highway. We handle serious accident cases involving crashes on this highway. This is a twisting, winding highway and there are quite a few private drives and dirt roads off of Highway 92 that leads to greater hazards.