Child Injury Attorneys

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Children are uniquely vulnerable to many dangers in our society. As any parent knows, many of the dangers we avoid as adults go unrecognized by innocent children. Children must depend on the good conduct of others. When companies or individuals are negligent, reckless, or malicious towards our children, disastrous consequences can result.

Child injury cases can take any number of forms. This can include medical malpractice, such as negligent care during child birth, negligent pediatric care, and negligent prescribing of medication. Child injury cases can also involve products liability claims, such as defective car seats or cribs, dangerous toys, and poorly–made bicycle helmets. Children are particularly vulnerable to dangers on others’ property, such as swimming pool accidents, dog attacks, and playground injuries. An experienced child injury lawyer should have the resources and know–how to deal with a wide variety of legal issues and types of injury claims.

However, all child injury cases have certain common issues. All child injury cases present unique emotional issues for a jury to consider, which requires careful presentation of the case to the jury. In personal injury cases involving an adult, the adult can typically testify regarding how the injury occurred and how the injury has impacted his or her life; however, with a child, depending on the age of the child, such testimony may not be possible, and it must always be handled carefully. Where an injury has long–term impact on a child, special issues of proving future income loss of a child that has not yet entered the workforce come into play. All of these issues demonstrate the need for an experienced child injury attorney to handle your child’s case.

In any case of injury to a child, an attorney must understand the sensitive nature of the injury, listen to the concerns of the family, and put the needs of the child first. The Kansas City trial attorneys at Horn Law have experience presenting the unique issues of a child injury case to judges and juries, and will provide personal attention to the family and the injured child while aggressively pursuing all available means of recovery. Contact our office at 816-795-7500 for a free, confidential consultation.