Personal Injury Case Referral - Note from Lead Attorney Doug Horn

Serving Kansas City, Independence, Blue Springs & Lee’s Summit

Many of our clients are referred to us by family members, friends, co-workers,  physicians, rehabilitation specialists, and other health professionals in the following type cases:

Our firm is also frequently requested to represent people who have suffered serious and disabling injury, including the following types of cases:

Free Legal Consultation & Investigations

For over 23 years Horn Law has been concentrating in personal injury claims, working to maximize our clients’ recoveries against insurance companies. This is important work because most personal injuries not only cause substantial financial loss, but also cause  “non-economic hardships”. These are damages to a person related to past, present, and future pain, suffering, discomfort, interference, and disability. We help the insurance companies and their attorneys value these types of damages in order for our clients to receive fair and full settlements.

Financial Compensation Direct To Our Client

From the moment we are contacted about a new case, we begin preparing the consultation and initial investigations in order that we can provide our potential client with an evaluation of the benefit we can provide.  Horn Law can only accept cases where we can be of substantial benefit (in terms of financial compensation direct to our client).

Ethical Considerations

Persons who have suffered an injury caused by someone else’s negligence would be wise to consult with a personal injury lawyer who has a track record in the particular type of case that caused the injury.

Therefore, the following is the criteria we follow with respect to providing legal representation.

  • The decision to engage legal representation in an injury case solely turns on whether the legal representation is in the best interests of the client.
  • Once legal representation undertaken, the legal representation must continue be in the best interests of the client & substantially beneficial to the client.
  • During the course of legal representation, Horn Law has a duty to continue to operate in the clients’ best interests by devoting their full professional abilities and resources in order to maximize the clients’ recovery.

On behalf of myself, and Attorney Laurie Del Percio, thank you for your consideration of Horn Law. We look forward to helping our clients, friends, neighbors to the very best of our abilities.