If you, a family member, or someone close to you has been hospitalized due to a serious  injury, the Horn Law Firm will provide immediate help. While the highest priority is to make sure you or the injured person is stable and receiving the best possible medical care, legal consultation at an early stage can be essential in obtaining the best possible result.

Below is the process we take after you or a family member calls Horn Law at 816-795-7500 (or takes advantage of the chat function on our website) to alert us to an accident resulting in hospitalization.

  1. Telephone Consultation. We will obtain some basic information about the accident that caused the injury. Our priority at this stage is to identify the immediate issues in order that I can begin working on solutions and legal consultation is scheduled with Lead Attorney Doug Horn*.


  1. Legal Consultation. When the injured person is hospitalized, if appropriate, I can arrange to meet with the injured person and/or family members at the hospital or another convenient location. This is my opportunity to sort out the important investigative, insurance, legal, and medical issues in order to determine if legal representation is going to be of substantial benefit to the injured person.  Legal consultation is always free of charge.


  1. Legal Protection. After I have the injured person’s authority and everybody is on board with my legal representation, one of my first priorities is to make sure insurance coverage is established. Dealing with the insurance company representatives is the first step in making sure the injured person who is hospitalized is fully protected.


  1. Confidence in Horn Law. Once hired, I will devote my full professional abilities and resources to your representation. I will be assisted by my trusted staff, which includes Lead Litigation Attorney, Laurie Del Percio. Because, in most circumstances , there is only one recovery- it must be a fair, full, and maximum recovery of insurance compensation.

* Ethical Considerations. Because injured people who are hospitalized are not always not in the best state of mind to make important decisions like whether to engage my legal representation, it is my preference to talk and meet with family members throughout the initial meeting. The decision to hire an attorney and law firm in a serious injury case is an important decision. The primary question is whether the legal representation is in the best interests of the injured person.