Don’t Let Holiday Travel Distract You from the Road Ahead

Most people will get behind the wheel and spend a few hours in the car during the holidays, whether it is attending a Christmas party, visiting family and friends, or completing some last minute shopping. During the holidays, everyone seems to have their minds elsewhere – gifts, cluttered schedules, and much more. Even though you certainly have a full plate, you need to stay aware of the road ahead and make sure you are not becoming distracted at a time you need your attention the most – while driving.

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How Distracted Driving Impacts Businesses

Distracted driving impacts everyone. One sector that has not received much attention, but should, is that of local businesses. Businesses are just as affected by distracted driving – whether it is their own employees or those sharing the road with their employees. Driving presents a significant risk already for risk of injury and property damage. When driving distracted, these risks increase exponentially. What some businesses may not realize is how distracted driving also impacts their bottom line.

Distracted driving increases the likelihood of motor vehicle crashes. That is because driving is a visual task and non-driving activities will take a driver’s attention and view away from the road – therefore, these actions must be avoided.

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25 Shocking Facts About Distracted Driving You Need to Know

Most people are well aware of the dangers of distracted driving, however once you see these startling statistics closer together, you may be able to put all of the facts you have been told into perspective. These statistics only further prove the dangers of distracted driving – and how every individual operating a vehicle needs to act responsibly to reduce the numbers of accidents and accident-related fatalities.

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How to Avoid Distracted Driving With Children in the Car

As a responsible driver, you know the dangers of distracted driving. That is why you put away your phone, avoid changing the radio and even stopped eating in the car. But, if you are traveling with small children, you may not realize that attending to your children while driving is another form of distraction. Whether it is soothing an upset child or simply dealing with the chaos that occurs when transporting a few children to and from school or other activities.

No matter where you are going with the kids, your children are likely to need something during the trip or may even engage in an argument with one another while you are driving. By preparing in advance, you can stop all of these distractions before they become a safety concern.

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The Penalties and Risks of Distracted Driving as a Truck Driver

It is not just average motorists that are banned from texting and driving. There are federal laws that prohibit the use of cellphones while operating a semi-truck or tractor trailer. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has created new rules that restrict drivers from texting or using hand-held mobile devices while operating a bus or truck or any classified commercial motor vehicle (CMV).

According to the FMCA’s research, the odds of being involved in a crash, near-crash, lane deviation or other safety-critical event increase 23.2 times more for CMV drivers that text while driving than those who do not. Texting operators take their eyes away from the road for an average of 4.6 seconds. When traveling at 55 miles per hour, this equates to 371 feet – the length of a football field – without ever looking at the roadway.

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Kansas City, MO Distracted Driving Lawyers – Horn Law

Motorists that drive distracted do not just put other motorists at risk, they also put the safety and lives of motorcycle riders at risk too. Distracted driving is a significant concern to motorcyclists, especially because they have more at stake than a driver protected by a vehicle. Riders are focused on one thing: riding – just like drivers should only be focused on driving.

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Students Get Exposed to the Dangers of Distracted Driving

The number of traffic fatalities is up by 11 percent since 2014 and in the southwest corner of the state, accidents are up by 36 percent according to an article by Ozarks First. Local business owners and Highway Patrol are working diligently to help reduce the number of accidents and also curb the main cause for the increase in traffic fatalities countrywide. The goal is to start teaching young student drivers the dangers of distracted driving long before they get behind the wheel.

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Distracted Driving Comes in Many Forms

In Miller County, Missouri on October 6, 2015, a woman was involved in a single-vehicle crash. According to Missouri State Highway Patrol, the driver was distracted, but not by her phone, navigation or anything technological; instead, the driver was distracted by a wasp. As the driver headed west on Highway 52, she lost control of her truck and went off the left side of the road, striking a mailbox.

Fortunately, the woman was spared serious injury because she was wearing a seatbelt and obeying all other rules of the road.

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