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Protecting the Injured: Early Legal Investigations Following a Motor Vehicle Crash

As an attorney who concentrates in motor vehicle accident law, I know that the best legal recovery (settlements and awards) start with the legal investigation and securing the important evidence. Here is more about that.

Securing The Important Evidence

While most motor vehicle accidents are initially investigated by a law enforcement agency, the legal investigation we perform is a more detailed analysis of the liability of the person(s) who caused the collision. While fault for the collision may be clear and easily established, a substantial portion of my work is in cases where the “liability” is beyond simple negligence. For instance, evidence of aggressive, distracted, or reckless driving can lead to an “aggravated liability” determination which significantly impacts the amount of the legal recovery.

Crash scene evidence, including potential video evidence, is always very helpful in confirming the liability and establishing the nature and severity of the impact. The legal investigations then expand to obtaining statements from witnesses, passengers, and other by-standers.

Securing important evidence also extends to the medical aspects of the case. When our client suffers a sudden onset of injury, it is necessary that they have proper medical evaluations. In our role as accident attorneys, we know that the medical recovery is the immediate priority and that starts with making sure our client is seen by the appropriate medical doctors and other specialists.

Specifically, we want the client to receive the appropriate examinations and diagnostic testing in order that the best medical recommendations are made at the earliest possible time. Our client deserves to be on the road to recovery and this often means controlling pain and beginning rehabilitation treatments.

These are just several reasons why legal investigation at the outset of the case plays such a key part in making sure our client receives a fair, full, and maximum settlement or award.

About Attorney Douglas R. Horn

Doug is founder and Lead Attorney of The Horn Law Firm, P.C. where he concentrates in cases involving head (brain), neck, back, orthopedic, neurological, and other traumatic injuries that require extended medical care and rehabilitation.

Based in Independence, Missouri, Horn represents injured persons in Missouri, Kansas, and throughout the Midwest.

Outside of his law practice he frequently lectures in the area of personal injury law, giving legal education presentations for national attorney audiences. Horn also dedicates a significant amount of his work to the advancement of driver safety, especially in the area of teen driver protection.