Missouri Ranks as One of the Most Dangerous States For Teen Drivers

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by | Oct 19, 2023 | Auto Accidents

One of my biggest concerns as a parent of teenagers was keeping them safe while driving. It is that concern that led me to publishing, Teen Driver Protection – Tips For Keeping Your Child Safe Behind The Wheel.

So here it is, a guide book to help you instill a safe driving approach in your children that is an easy download with the link below.


Because my mission is to protect teen drivers, I would like to put this guide book in the hands of as many as possible. Please consider sharing this post with your circle of friends.

*According to a recent study, Missouri has a very poor ranking when it comes to teen driver safety and roadway fatalities. In my opinion, much of this is because we no longer require driver’s education to get a driver’s license.

In Missouri, the full burden of driver’s education rests with the parents. While parents are quite capable of teaching the mechanics of driving, they may need help when it comes to instilling a safe driving approach in their children.

This free Teen Driver Protection guide book is written for parents and guardians and contains 10 tips that revolve around my Drive By Example program. Here is a sample part of Tip #1:

“When considering taking a safe approach to driving, it is important to point out that every driver owes every other driver the highest degree of care. So how do we exercise the highest degree of care behind the wheel? We teach parents to teach their teen drivers to always drive alert, buckled, cautious, and defensive. That’s ABC & D.”

My goal with this publication was to give parents the ability to instill a safe driving approach in their children that would last a life-time. Here again is the link to the book which is a free download at hornlaw.com


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Based in Independence, Missouri, Doug has been practicing law for 33 years. In 2010, at the start of the distracted driving epidemic, he began to devote a significant amount of work to advancing driver safety, especially in the area of teen driver protection.