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All drivers should check their car insurance policies and make sure that they have sufficient Underinsured Motorist Coverage, commonly referred to as “UIM” coverage. If you do not have this coverage, you should talk with your agent immediately about how this type of insurance can protect you when you are hit and injured by a driver who only has the state minimum coverages.

If you do have “UIM” coverage, talk to your agent about why it makes sense to have at least $100,000 in “UIM” coverage.

The primary reason for increasing your UIM coverage is that you never want to be in a position where you are depending upon the driver who caused an accident to have enough insurance to fully cover your claim. Here are several more reasons this has become a bigger deal lately.

1. More Violent Collisions Resulting in More Serious Injury

As drivers drive faster, more aggressively, and more distracted, there are more violent collisions. Violent collisions cause more serious injury resulting in higher medical and rehabilitation bills and costs related to medical recovery. More serious injuries also result in more lost income and a significant greater probability of longer-range consequences.

It is not unusual, in this day and age, for a person who suffers head, neck, and back injuries to have claims that exceed the insurance limits of $25,000.00. If you don’t have UIM coverage, it is like salt in the wound – you have been hurt and now there is no way you can recover a fair and full insurance settlement.

2. More Drivers Cutting Car Insurance

No doubt about it, in a poor economy with high inflation, more drivers go with bargain coverage which only provides liability coverage at the state minimum, which is only $25,000 in Missouri and many other states. Even before the economy got bad, many drivers choose bargain insurance to save money. Many times these are younger drivers who are more likely to cause accidents.

Of course, some drivers are cutting their insurance all together. The only way to protect yourself against these drivers is to make sure you have sufficient Uninsured Motorist coverage. This is referred to “UM” coverage. While “UM” and “UIM” are sold separately, they usually have the same coverage limits. For instance, if you have $100,000.00 of “UIM” coverage, you will generally also have $100,000.00 of “UM” coverage.

3. Medical Treatments and Rehabilitation Are Expensive

At Horn Law, my law practice has been dedicated in helping the injured get fair, full, and maximum settlements and awards after a car accident that was not their fault.

Over the course of my career, given all the new medical treatments and more effective rehabilitation, I am seeing that my clients are making better medical recoveries. Because the medical recovery in 2023 is costing a lot more, it follows that the legal recovery (claim settlements and awards) must also be more to cover the costs.


As times change, it is always a good idea to check on your auto insurance coverages. Although your insurance agent is in the best position to give you advise as far as coverages, I want all accident victims to be fully protected in the event they are in the unfortunate position of being injured in an accident.

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