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This a message about the importance of “Underinsured Motorist Coverage” and how it protects you if you are hurt in an accident by a driver with minimum insurance coverages. Too many drivers have declined this type of coverage and then pay a steep price later.

Here is the reason you should make sure you have “underinsured motorist coverage” (UIM).

Let’s say you are injured in an accident and need medical treatment. Given your medical bills, your income loss, together with your pain, suffering, your injury claim is worth $50,000.00. Unfortunately, the driver at fault has the state minimum coverages of $25,000.

Without UIM coverage, you are limited to collecting only $25,000. However, if you are fully covered by having UIM coverage, that coverage will pay the additional amount of your claim.

It is really a no-brainer, especially when you consider that UIM is not that expensive to add to your policy.

UIM becomes even more important in times like these when many drivers are dropping their car insurance coverages to the bear minimum to save money. Unfortunately, when a driver with the state minimum coverage causes an accident resulting in injuries, it is their victim who pays the price.

More Violent Collisions

The other reason to add or increase your UIM coverage is that violent collisions are on the rise. More violent collisions cause more serious injury requiring more extensive treatment and rehabilitation.

When injuries become more serious, the injury claim value is much higher. Again, if the driver at fault does not have enough coverage to cover your damages, your UIM coverage will come to the rescue (at least to the extent of the UIM coverage you buy).

Without UIM coverage, a person injured in a motor vehicle accident is limited in what they can recover.

Talk To Your Agent

The best way to make sure you are fully protected is to talk with your car insurance agent. If you buy your insurance online, you may consider switching your insurance to a company that sells auto insurance coverage through an agent with a local office. There is no doubt that having the right car insurance is too important. Saving a few dollars on a cut rate insurance may cost you in the end.

This is a public service message from Horn Law and authored by Lead Attorney Doug Horn.

About Doug Horn

Since 1990, Attorney Doug Horn has focused his law practice on representing injured persons in Missouri, Kansas, and across the Midwest. His areas of concentration include cases involving head, neck, back, and other serious injury requiring extended medical care and rehabilitation. In addition to his law practice, Horn frequently presents to national attorney audiences in the area of personal injury law and litigation.