A First Call to Attorney Doug Horn After a Motor Vehicle Accident Injury

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by | Apr 21, 2022 | Horn Law Office

A first call to Attorney Doug Horn (Horn Law’s Lead Attorney) makes good sense following an accident involving injuries. Doug has represented people injured in motor vehicle accidents for over 30 years. He is highly rated and reviewed and has a track record of success in maximizing settlements and awards.

While those are good reasons to call Lead Attorney Doug Horn, the best reason to make a first call to him at 816-795-7500 is that Doug and the Horn Law team are prepared and ready to take care of the immediate issues connected with the insurance claims.

In no particular order, here are the important issues that require rapid response and legal attention.

  • handling the insurance company adjusters
  • establishing the vehicle damage or total loss claims
  • working out the medical issues, including medical bills and payment issues
  • making sure the proper medical evaluations are performed
  • securing the important evidence

Early legal consultation affords Doug an opportunity to learn the facts, perform the necessary legal investigations, and make the determination what makes sense for the potential client. Consultations are free of charge and can always be scheduled at the client’s convenience, including both telephone or in office consultations.

Contact Lead Attorney Doug Horn during normal business hours at 816-795-7500. After hours, on weekends and holidays, alert Doug to your case by going to hornlaw.com and activating the “chat” function.

Standards of Legal Representation

The selection of an injury lawyer is an important decision and should never be made solely on the basis of an advertisement. However, because there are many lawyers to choose from, it is often difficult to sort out who is the best injury lawyer for their case.

Below are the standards of legal representation that are important to Lead Attorney Doug Horn. It is the mindset of Horn Law only to accept cases where the legal representation can return a substantial benefit to the injured client. A zealous legal representation is how we approach every injury case.

Prompt and Diligent Representation

Right from the start, Horn Law endeavors to be prompt and diligent at all stages of the representation, including establishing the insurance coverages and claims such that our injured client receives fair and full compensation that reimburses them for their past, present, and continuing damages.

Gaining the Upper Hand

In the early stages of an injury case, it is vital that we establish legal leverage with the insurance company representatives in order that they set proper reserves, fully evaluate the claim, and operate with the intention of resolving the claim in the most favor to our client.

Securing the Important Evidence

At Horn Law, a zealous legal representation depends upon devoting all of our professional abilities and resources to obtaining the important evidence that drives up the case value. This evidence can include expert opinions that persuade the insurance company that they have more exposure than they initially thought they had.

This is the key area where Horn Law representation makes a significant difference in the outcome.

Advanced Negotiations

Our legal representation is predicated on the mission that every client deserves a maximum settlement and/or award of insurance compensation. To obtain this goal, we must be skilled in advanced negotiations and be very attentive to the “value drivers” in the case, including:

  1.  Aggravated Liability
  2. Sudden Onset of Injury
  3. Objective Medical Evidence
  4. Confinement (home, hospital, cast, brace, sling,)
  5. Medical Treatments/Therapy/Rehabilitation
  6. Income Loss or Work Accommodations
  7. Restrictions (work, household, family, self-care)
  8. Prior Quality of Life
  9. Guarded Prognosis
  10. Permanent Impairment
  11. Management of Injury Evidence (Post MMI)
  12. Loss of Physical Capacity
  13. Loss of Household Services
  14. Accelerated Decline
  15. Permanent Scars/Wounds

About Doug Horn

Since 1990, Attorney Doug Horn has focused his law practice on representing injured persons in Missouri, Kansas, and across the Midwest. His areas of concentration include cases involving head, neck, back, and other serious injury requiring extended medical care and rehabilitation. In addition to his law practice, Horn frequently presents to national attorney audiences in the area of personal injury law and litigation.